Little Boxes of thoughts seperated and put in prospective

Little Boxes of thoughts seperated
and put in prospective

Saturday, 20 April 2013

In the Defence of Zaid Hamid..Reply to Emaad Khalid's email and allegations...A Rebuttal ..Part 1

May Allah Guide us all.

I write all this as an outsider ..In case you have not been following,surprisingly The face(voice) of Brasstacks Zaid Hamid's Secretary has taken a UTurn and is now going full throttle against him.
This article is a humble attempt to understand the whole situation. I don't write it on Zaid Hamid's Behalf but on my personal capacity as an outsider.
If its an ideological war Zaid Hamid is fighting this act of Emaaad can be best understood in my opinion as a defection or that he has "Changed Horses".
Emaad is free to reply I would try to add his reply here.

Before I start I like to sum up main points,a joke it may sound but:

Emad is giving impressions that Zaid Hamid portrays himself as a Prophet and Imam Mehdi and at the same time is trying to plant doubt in our minds that Zaid Hamid is a Qadiani or Mirzai.
I want to ask him, There is a contradiction in all three "Posts" and if it is so what took him five years to figure. Did he EVER ask him directly about these ideas that after leaving Zaid Hamid are plaguing Him? If not WHY NOT? And where is the PROOF

Not to mention that Zaid Hamid is planning to take over the government in a 20 July Plot style Military coup. And that Zaid Hamid is some sort of Col.Stauffenberg.

While its interesting fiction and at times one wants him to do that,but WHERE THE HECK IS PROOF?
I  myself during the times of anger against Kayani after some incident sent him a link to Valkyrie he was very clear about his view saying He certainly hopes nothing of that sort happens.

If Zaid Hamid is so blasphemous what were u doing listening to him for five years? What about the rest of Brasstacks team? As you said yourself they are good people good Muslims why are they still with him? Did he ever commit blasphemy in front of you? Did you ask him directly about the above accusations? 

I am am asking you because I did in an email much to offence of Zaid Hamid who told me these questions are really offencive and are like asking if one is a bastard child or a legitimate one and categorically and CLEARLY denied anything to do with these allegations in clear and unequivocal words.

To start I would like to post something Emaad Khalid said when he was with Zaid Hamid:

I also like to reply to Bohtaans Emaad has put forward against Zaid Hamid's Family.
This is what Emaad said a couple of months ago(From a video widely used by Opponents of Mr.Zaid Hamid):


In the audio Emaad says:"......Jis Aurat nay shadi kee hey Zaid sab say,Jis Aurat nay deen kay liye kaam kia hey. Jo Aurat is ** say 50 guna ziada deen ka kaam karti hey. Jo baparda hey jo ba Sharah hey, Jis kay bachay Alhamdulillah Musalmanoon kay bachay lagtay hein..."

After Emaad left Zaid Hamid he said:""Zaid Hamid had to part ways with N because he was having at least 5 extra-marital affairs
/ friendships. One of the 5 ladies is now his wife"""

Dude six months back you were recorded saying above about her.

Here is the email of Zaid Sab's step daughter which should put the issue to rest:

Regarding section E.

This article was written about my step father and my family, and reading it completely outraged me. Even though everyone thinks that it doesn't matter, I still want to clarify a few things.

To begin with, I'd like everybody who read this article to know that even though I think it is NONE of anybody's business whether or not my mother's family was in favor of this wedding or not, its is not true that mom's father (my grandfather) was against this wedding. Last time I checked, differences of opinion exist in this world, and it is nothing new for families to quarrel However, my grandfather attended the wedding. He now shares a good relationship with his son-in-law and also holds him in high regard.

(How he explained the whole pre wedding scenario is beyond sick, so I will not honor that bit with the truth, because if I start to do so I will have no choice but to be badtameez and badakhlaq towards the writer, which I do not want.)

Secondly, as much as I appreciate how this article calls my mom a possessor of ''extraordinary forbearance and selflessness'' and as much as that is true I have o mention that even her forbearance has a limit. That limit is morality. So saying that since she is a very tolerant woman, she will stand by, watch and ignore immorality is very very untrue.
My step father considers my mom his equal, he cherishes her more than I ever expected him to and I have never seen my mother as happy as she is because of him. If my mother or grandmother or any other of our family members ever have a problem with someone, it would never because we don't trust abu. Here we can rule out the part where my mom is said to be mazloom, she is in a perfect place Alhumdulillah!.( I'm sure its more believable coming from her own daughter than an ex team member)
It mentions my whole family, and I thought what better than for an actual family member (me) to tell everyone the truth?
As far as I know, if you love somebody dearly and their family is in great distress, helping them would be called 'Gracious' and not an attempt to make them 'dependent' upon yourself. Abu helped my family when it was really needed, and for that I am forever thankful to him, but that is not the reason why my family is now close to him. The reason is that he loves my mother, respects my grandparents and my family, and takes care of me as if I were his own. Even though being his STEP daughter, I'm the most likely candidate to dislike him, but I have never found any reason to do so. He is actually my shelter when my mom gets angry at me :D

This article also mentions how my grandmother is made to cook for the office and all. This part was particularly funny. Anyway, my grandmother is not made to do anything, I think abu takes even more care of her than my mom does. She cooks for the office because she is herself in love with the mission, but since she can not do any of the heavy work that abu and the others do, she does what she has always loved to do. She cooks for them. And she believes she is really contributing to the mission because as long as the team members are not well fed, they can't work properly, right? :)

Dear Emad  Please tell us when to believe you. Tomorrow you would say you were under duress and said all those things because so&so told you to.


by Emaad Khalid – Zaid Hamid’s Staff Officer / Media Coordinator /
Personal Assistant / Accountant
[from 23rd January 2009 to 17th March 2013]<<<<<<< All these titles..I asked him a couple of years back what is Emaad Khalid to Zaid Hamid ..He said:Khadim

Next we would look at Mr Emaad's allegations section to section:

Section A – Introduction – Reality of Zaid Hamid and his fake “mission” – Zaid Hamid
using the name of Ishq-e-Rasul (saww), Ghazwa-e-Hind, Khilafat-e-Rashida, United States
of Islam, Pakistan and its armed forces, Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal, Takmeel-e-Pakistan
for his own ulterior motives and for obtaining fame and fortune – Zaid Hamid portraying
a false image to the world about himself with deception, lies and Munafiqat – Why and
when I joined Zaid Hamid – Why I left him

Details:With counter questions/Rebuttal

it can safely be said that Emaad Khalid knows Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid
very well (real name: Zaid-uz-Zaman Hamid).<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<So it took you five years to figure out his name? 

“The Mujahid nation waits for… The ONLY
ONE who can save us now!”<<<<<<<<<<<<<<    Did he ever say that? I don't think so as he has repeatedly said there are many many capable people in Pakistan but they ae being quiet because of the current circumstances and would never ask for a position for themselves. You yourself have later in your email claimed Zaid Hamid has a list of people he allegedly plans to recommend to interim government.

Then Emaad said:
he wants the world to think of him: “The Mujahid nation waits for… The ONLY
ONE who can save us now!” []. Those of you who believe in the image
depicted in this video and who put Zaid Hamid on a very high larger-than-life pedestal (like I used to do)<<< He IS larger then life, exposing all the Ghundaas and badmashs in power (Zardar,Nawaz),they alone can do ANYTHING. It is NOT and I repeat NOT a joke to expose them. Not to mention CIA RAW KGB MI6 MQM ANP TTP... What else is larger then life? Jumping of an air plane?

Then he said: Have you forgotten that one day you will have to face
Allah, who is in reality the ONLY ONE who can save us? Why have you made a god out of Zaid Hamid, what
is your “majboori” to lie to such an extent just to please this erring human being?”<<<<<<<< Did you ask this question to the supporters of PPP PML Q&N ANP and MQM??  Supporters can go overboard while trying to portray their leader. When PPP guys say Zinda hey BB zinda hey they don't mean she is physically alive or a zombie or that everyone is lying about her death,its a figure of speech.
This can hardly be mistaken as claims of claiming divinity..Are you accusing him of that? Be direct.

Allah is not “Muhtaj” of Zaid
Hamid. I have left Zaid Hamid and Zaid Hamid’s self-created “mission”. I would never leave the REAL
MISSION of working hard and steadfastly for Allah, Rasulullah (saww), Pakistan and the whole Ummah<<<<<Who said Nauzbillah Allah is Muhtaj of anyone? Did Zaid Hamid say that to you? What did you do when he said that to you? Are you kidding me?Have you tried reading Surah e Ikhlas? And you are working for Ummah with Marvi Sirmad,are you kidding me?

He said:Surely, as now I have come to understand, Allah and Rasulullah
(saww) were not pleased with this un-Islamic belief of mine. May Allah prevent every Muslim from all
“Mushrikana” practices and beliefs, ameen.<<<<<<So you were a Muhrik for five years and spreading Shirk? Be clear

Now dude for the Following claims/allegations I have ONLY one question...PROOF? Five years with him and you have NO PROOF?

"""A person who,Compares himself with, and equates himself to, Allah, Rasul Allah (saww), and Khulafa-e-Rashideen..Lies frequently, believes in falsehoods, and puts Buhtan (false accusations) on others, without having proof..Wears a misleading mask and practises hypocrisy as a persistent habit, weaving a web of deception with
his words..Wants chaos and bloodshed in Pakistan, and mutiny in the armed forces of Pakistan..
Craves a position of great power, authority and influence (mainly for his own personal gain and financial
benefits)..Is Mutakkabir, arrogant, unjust, selfish, ungrateful, cowardly, attention-seeking and self-centred..
Lies about and hides his real sources of income, lies about his assets / finances and about receiving
donations..Likes the company of non-Mehram young women and is involved in anti-Shariah practices with them..Lacks the basic understanding of the word Insaaf (justice) and the concept of Musawat (equality) betweenthe rich and the poor..Neglects, ignores, hurts and disobeys his old parents, and misuses their assets / finances, and is cruel /uncaring towards his wives..Thinks that he does not need to follow any Maslak, and creates a Maslak for Maslak for himself to his own liking."""

My Response:When I contacted Zaid Hamid through email he was clear about his "Maslak" or which "School of thought" he belongs to.

Then he said:

"""The main purpose of writing this email is that I find it obligatory upon myself to share the information
and knowledge that Allah has provided me about Zaid Hamid’s official / social / financial / personal / family
life, which are hidden from the public eye, from his thousands of followers, many of whom joined Zaid
Hamid and his “mission” directly or indirectly because of me, by Allah’s will."""

Proof dude proof,you were his right hand for 5 years,surely you would have some proof if these accusations are correct?

Thats it? The end of section A? No proof Nevermind ..

Lets get to section B and then self contradicting details after that ..After all the "dossier" is nearly 111 pages.

Section B
[1] Zaid Hamid has been receiving (since the end of 2007) a monthly stipend of Rs.
6,06,500/- (Six

My Questions: Whose interests are you serving my making this public? Do you want to give me a list of CIA paid people in Pakistan? Not that I mind if ISI pays him but surely..ISI can get him a TV show if ISI was to back him. Nevermind what I think though..PROOF DUDE PROOF?

"""[2]Zaid Hamid uses his contacts in the armed forces, ISI and MI, for pure personal benefit and gain, for
making himself a highly-influential and feared personality, for giving threats to innocent civilians
in his own personal matters and in the business concerns of his close friends"""

Seriously? Why can't he then get rid of petty Mashkharay who prody him and have crossed tameez ki line a couple of ten times? Nusrat Javed openly said in TV he is Adha Musalmaan like Ghalib and for the same reason implying he is an alchoholic. Can he not ask ISI to tell someone to raise the point that what a chronic alcoholic,a sad old drunk is babbling on TV against him and the Army? Not to mention Army is ridiculed in the media everyday on the instigation of Foreign intelligence agencies and culprits are at large(You want a list?)   Never mind what I think again, PROOF ?

Ok.Guys..Buckle up your seatbelt..Next one is the most interesting one:

"""[3] Zaid Hamid has on numerous occasions told close team members that they should be ready and
available, and during a possible civil war / anarchy and chaos or a military takeover, some people from
media, judiciary, government will be assassinated on the direct orders of Zaid Hamid, and the blame will
be automatically directed towards Jihadi outfits / sectarian and militant organizations / terrorist wings
of political parties. The prominent names on Zaid Hamid’s hit list are: NAJAM SETHI, ASMA
SHARIF, ALTAF HUSSAIN, OFFICIALS OF MQM and ANP etc. Zaid Hamid has recently received a
drum magazine for his Kalashnikov (AK-47) as gift from a serving Colonel and has asked me several times
to get the rates of a crate of AK-47 bullets. Last year, he purchased a locally-made silencer for Rs. 19000/-
which he has fitted on his TT pistol. He has been searching the market for a silencer for his AK-47 and an
imported silencer for his 9mm pistol, but nobody has been able to provide these 2 items to him yet. He
tested the locally-made silencer for his TT pistol in his back lawn, and told me that the sound of the gunfire
was still a bit too much as compared to the high-quality imported silencer, but nobody would notice the
sound in the middle of rush hour / traffic. Probably this is what he really means by “vigilante justice”,
about which he has talked/written frequently, especially in the recent past. An interesting thing to note is
that, in front of the world, Zaid Hamid never insinuates what has been mentioned above (secret
assassinations on his orders), but instead talks about taking these people (Hamid Mir, Najam Sethi etc.)
to Shariah/Qazi Courts and getting them punished through those courts."""

So basially you are saying Zaid Hamid would use a magic carpet and shoot all of them with an AK 47 with a silencer mounted on them? Or wait ..The team he has which can assasinate all of them. Dude,first of all have you met with the team? Since you were with him for 5 years you must have seen anyone with him who is among all secret assasins? And can you explain it to me how would Zaid Hamid get all of them killed with a single silenced gun in trafic when most of them move around in heavily armed convoys? Asif Zardari lives in president house for instance and Nawaz Sharif has half the elite force with him,and Altaf hussien has holed up in England with security all around him?
Vesay bhi most Pakistanis have such a list:) If you go and ask people how would they feel if for instance Zardari or Nawaz Sharif was killed..The answer would surprise you..

 Now the next one is most interesting..Just read it becaue Emaad saab added a few more details in his interview posted online which are not here..NOT AT ALL

"""" [4] Zaid Hamid also claims that the assassination of Moulana Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri and his son on 11th
March 2010 was because of Allah’s wrath upon them, because on the morning of 12th March 2010,
Jalalpuri was going to register a case of 295-C against Zaid Hamid in a court of law (Karachi). On 11th
March 2010, Zaid Hamid, a couple of students of the International Islamic University Islamabad and I were
sitting in the conference room of the previous BrassTacks office (777-A, Ammar Shaheed Road, Chaklala
Scheme 3, Rawalpindi). It was around 8 or 8:15 p.m. when Zaid Hamid started talking about Moulana
Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri and said about him, “Yeh sarkon per maaray jaen gey (They will be killed
on the streets)”. Barely 8 to 10 minutes had passed, when one of the office staff members came
rushing into the conference room and told us that Moulana Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri, along with his young
son, had been assassinated in Karachi. On hearing this news, Zaid Hamid told us that Allah lets Zaid
Hamid’s enemies rise to a certain level only, and when they cross the critical line, then Allah takes care
of them (kills them). [Now probably I am also crossing that critical line by writing all this about Zaid
Hamid.] """

Now in his interview the other day Emaad added some namak mirch and said Zaid Hamid kept checking his watch and phone before he made this statement and implying Zaid hamid was somewhat involved in the Murder. Seriously dude? PROOF? PROOF? And how come its not here? Why did that only come to ur mind when u were giving an interview to Mr.Jalalpuri's followers?

Then Mr.Emaad said

"""Similarly, in October 2010, when Doctor Farooq Khan of Mardan was assassinated by gunmen in his
workplace, Zaid Hamid said the same thing about Dr. Farooq also, that he has been assassinated because
he was speaking against Zaid Hamid and was against Zaid Hamid’s “mission”, and then he repeated the
same statement that he had said earlier on the assassination of Moulana Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri, that Allah
lets Zaid Hamid’s enemies raise their heads to a certain level only, and when they cross that limit, Allah
takes care of them (kills them)."""

So would you accuse Zaid Hamid of his Murder too when Dr.Farooq's sympathizers/followers interview you? And if Zaid Hamid thinks Allah is taking care of his enemies ..I donno..Is that Illegal..And PROOF?

To be Continued

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