Little Boxes of thoughts seperated and put in prospective

Little Boxes of thoughts seperated
and put in prospective

Monday, 29 August 2011

The Hassan Nisar Factor

Mufat Advisor to the Pakistain people,Tuti Phuti Punjabi! Chronic Alcoholic! Holier Then Thou Self Proclaimed champion of Everything(religion science sociology etc.) His righteousness Hassan Nisar of CIA(and Malik Riaz paid). !!

Defending US like an Umrica palat of the early 90s, over obsessed by "educated" and "civilized" "societies". Thinks nothing is wrong with the "west". Apparently they don't have corrupt politicians or lying people, or don't mix Milk with Water. Perhaps he would like to explain all the cases of child molestations ?
 He blames "Beghairat and Besharam" the whole Pakistani "Qaum" for supposedly black marketing. And praises what he calls "heathens" and "rivals" for a soft heart and dropping prices around Christmas.

With the rugged look of someone who has seen the wear and tear of time and has somehow earned the right to yell at society he is quick to admit when confronted he is a very rich man(not very Habib Jalibish). There is nothing wrong with being rich, but perhaps his presence(and obedience) at Tafu the Rabid's Darbar explains the rigidness of his "principles". He is more of a symptom not a problem. Not of the decaying medieval corrupt primitive insincere society as he portrays us to be but of CIA penetration in Pakistani media.

I have posted a video(video no.3) where he actually snubs Pakistani nation with the contempt of an imperial Civil Servant on "eating chicken". Yes "chicken", claiming its "poison"(due to feed its fed). Murghi "zeher" hey according to him. He could't find anything so he had a go at Pakistani nation for including "chicken" in their diet. And actually calls Pakistani nation's sheep for eating "sugar" and calls sugar "cursed". Actually inciting Pakistani people to "get up" and "gang up" and make up a "counter mafia".

He is typical of a specific type. A specimen, reminiscent of an almost extinct race. Maybe we should thank him for we would have a lot of video evidence to show the next Generation that such people existed. After all not many people can openly say on  media "Goray ki Kiya baat hey" (in essence).

The only person he agrees with is the biggest Terrorist/extortionist/pessimist/traitor in Pakistan, Altaf. He is always saying "I didn't put them in your power" go blame yourself. Whose complaining to you anyway? He is probably the biggest CIA apologetic in Pakistan

And Dude, you don't have you be rude and yell! If you talk politely, we could still hear you(and not be annoyed)!

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