Little Boxes of thoughts seperated and put in prospective

Little Boxes of thoughts seperated
and put in prospective

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Nawaz Sharif wants us to surrender Siachen to Indian Agressors,Is Kashmir Then Lahore Next? Indian Paramilitary! Aman ki Asha Ya Jang ki Bhasha? Try Nawaz Sharif for Treason!

Nawaz Shareef thinks we should widraw from Siachen, soon he would recommend a Unilateral widrawel from Kashmir. Then he would probably want us to surrender Lahore so HH can eat Ghiya Ghost with his India

Most of us think the Indian Army is numbered at 1.4 odd million tired Men. Which is exactly not far from reality but sugarcoating the truth.

Here is what Indians have available for their agression filled forign policy:
Indian Army
Size 1,429,900 Active personnel
960,000 Reserve personnel

Central Armed Police Forces

According to the nomenclature adopted in 2011,[1] the Central Armed Police Forces are the following eight police forces of the central government of India:
These forces were frequently referred to as "paramilitary forces" until 2011, when the government gave new official definitions which restricted the use of that term.[citation needed

Home Guard


State Armed Police Forces





Ab yeh sab aap dekh lo and Salute our Jawans and Mujahideen who have got India by Neck!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Siachen:Yeh Birf Meri Hey

Before I start this post,lets pray for our soldiers and civilians who are buried under and avalanche for more then 48 hours now. May Allah show us a miracle,and those who have embraced Shahadat,May Allah accept their sacrifice(Ameen). May Allah reward the brave Pakistanis who are carrying out the rescue operation in the most hostile of terrain in bad weather against all odds(Ameen).

"We did not expect India to Attack Siachen, the terrain is so in hospitable wahaan to Ghaas bhi nae hoti:General Zia"

Siachen was a demilitirized zone right upto 1984 when some Indian Genius decided to capture Kashmir through Siachen or disrupt Korakoram Highway at the least.

Pakistan did not maintain military presence in Siachen despite what Indians like to propagate. It was sheer luck that a Pakistani mountineer saw some troops on the glacier and was horrified to realize they were Indians. He sneaked back and informed the Pakistani troops at Skardu. News was rushed to the GHQ and one of the most daring attempts were made to reclaim glacier in the given resources pushing Human Endurance to Limits.

SSG was rushed to Skardu, they had the training and will to fight anywhere but they lacked the high altitude winter Gear. Those of us who has seen the Military's winter clothing can only imagine the dire situation.
Winter Gear of SSG at the time was a pant,shirt and a sweater which looks like this:

The battlefield at Siachen was unprecedented and ranged from 15000-22000 feet. We even lacked helicopters designed to operate at high altitude.

Muslims of Pakistan were asked to achieve the unachievable. In the same winter gear it was decided to Rush the troops by tieing them a rop hanging from helicopters!All that In the temperatures from 50-70C! It was attaining the impossible!
Weeks perhaps Months of acclimatization is required to just GO and survive in Extreme Altittude (Above 18000 Feet). The battle of Siachen is taking place between 16000-22000 Feet! Humans have survived for two years at 5,950 m (19,520 ft) [475 millibars of atmospheric pressure], which appears to be near the limit of the permanently tolerable highest altitude. 
Those(SSG Commandos) men of First Wave went WITHOUT acclimatization FULLY AWARE of the risks and managed to established a foothold at Siachen!

In TV show there is a very good actual incident inspired fictional depiction  of the true incident.

Around Half of the troops that counter attacked Embraced Shahadat! But they rose up to the Challenge! They did established a foothold in Siachen and halted Indian Advances and ambitions and got India stuck in a Situation where they have no clue what to do!

May Allah accept their sacrifice(Ameen)!

And my reply to SAFMA (Nusrat Javed Imtiaz Alam etc.)who are raising question about us defending Siachen!

Yeh Birf Meri Hey!!!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

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