Little Boxes of thoughts seperated and put in prospective

Little Boxes of thoughts seperated
and put in prospective

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Hamid Gul discussing very deep rooted issues maturely with Dr.Shahid

Noose tightened as Pakistan army deploys regular troops at Chitral and Lower Dir

Pakistan has mobilized regular toops to reinforce defence along the border with Afghanistan where TTP have repeatedly exploited the loose borders..! 35 children were recently kidnapped from Pakistan and taken to Pakistan in a cowardly act by CIA backed TTP.

At a time when Battle of Kabul is underway it can be a great time to launch a rescue operation. SSG is very well capable of it, it is also a great time to hit TTP camps protected and maintained by CIA in Afghanistan (by air). Or Via commando raid. Missilery can be used. A Swift decisive action would break the backbone of insurgency in Pakistan and give a moral boost to Taliban (the real ones). Codination with Taliban is of importance and time is of the essence.

However this is more of a hypothetical scenario and this move is probably to stop a CIA counteroffensive then anything else. If only ISI was reckless like me;).

Battle of Kabul: "Operation Martyerdom" in essence first official attempt by Taliban to retake Kabul

A senior ISAF official said militants have opened fire on the ISAF compound and the nearby US embassy using small arms and rocket propelled grenades. Its believed there are less than 10 insurgents involved in the attack which is being launched from an area outside the secure zone surrounding both areas.
ISAF personnel currently are being told to stay indoors and take cover but there are no casualties the official said. General John Allen, ISAF commander remains on the compound. Air support is being provided overhead by armed coalition helicopters.
The senior official, along with another coalition officer, both confirmed to CNN that there had been intelligence in recent days that insurgents would try to stage a high profile attack in the capital around the tenth anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. Both officials pointed out that while this attack is considered to be high profile because of the US embassy and ISAF targets, it so far is not considered a ‘spectacular” attack because of the small number of gunmen and limited weapons involved.
The US embassy just posted a security message warning Americans in Kabul about the attack.
From the US embassy in Kabul – The U.S. Embassy can confirm an attack has occurred in the area of the U.S.
Embassy, including RPG and small arms fire.    We can confirm there are no
casualties at this time among Embassy personnel. (U.S. Embassy Spokesperson Kerri Hannan)
ISAF tweet in 6aET hour – Attack underway in area of ISAF HQ/US Embassy. Forces responding quickly. More details to follow.
Afghan government – Sidiq Sidiqi, an Interior Ministry spokesman, said a police officer has been
killed and security forces have killed "two of the suicide attackers in the
NATO – NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said the Taliban attacks in Kabul
Tuesday were an attempt to derail plans to hand over security responsibility to
Afghan forces in Afghanistan.  "We are witnessing that the Taliban try to test (the) transition but they can't stop it. Transition is on track and it will continue," Rasmussen said.
Taliban – "Our insurgents attacked in Kabul city," Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid
told CNN. "Their target is the U.S. Embassy, governmental organizations and
other foreign organizations."

Monday, 12 September 2011

Dengue!!!Stop spreading Panic!

FOR THE LAST TIME: Low platelet count does not mean "Dengue". Even Boozers have platelets count might be low at times due to deficiencies>Dr.Geo Diagnosed/Treated people!
Deficiencies ..I don't know which one to mention, Vitamins and Folic acid for starters! A Thousand medications can cause it. In cases MALARIA drops platelet count.
You booze regularly(to alcoholics), folic acid deficiency can cause low platlet count. Mortality in Hospitalized Dengue patients is 2.5% according to WHO figures. Malaria can even when treated can cause death in one among ten patients in situations!!!
Who the heck is even is diagnosing Dengue through Platelet tests! I doing some copy past here from Dr.Wikipedia(not reliable at all but still).


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Classification and external resources
ICD-10 D69.6, P61.0
ICD-9 287.3, 287.4, 287.5
OMIM 188000 313900
DiseasesDB 27522
MedlinePlus 000586
MeSH D013921
Thrombocytopenia (or thrombopenia) is a relative decrease of platelets in blood.
A normal human platelet count ranges from 150,000 to 450,000 platelets per microliter of blood.[1] These limits are determined by the 2.5th lower and upper percentile, so values outside this range do not necessarily indicate disease. One common definition of thrombocytopenia is a platelet count below 50,000 per microliter.[2][3]



[edit] Signs and symptoms

Often, low platelet levels do not lead to clinical problems; rather, they are picked up on a routine full blood count (or CBC, complete blood count). Occasionally, there may be bruising, particularly purpura in the forearms, petechia (pinpoint hemorrhages on skin and mucous membranes), nosebleeds and/or bleeding gums.
It is vital that a full medical history is elicited, to ensure the low platelet count is not due to a secondary process. It is also important to ensure that the other blood cell types, such as red blood cells and white blood cells, are not also suppressed. Painless, round and pinpoint (1 to 3 mm in diameter), petechiae usually appear and fade, and sometimes group to form ecchymoses. Larger than petechiae, ecchymoses are purple, blue or yellow-green bruises that vary in size and shape. They can occur anywhere on the body.
A person with thrombocytopenia may also complain of malaise, fatigue and general weakness (with or without accompanying blood loss). In acquired thrombocytopenia, the patient's history may include the use of one or several offending drugs.
Inspection typically reveals evidence of bleeding (petechiae or ecchymoses), along with slow, continuous bleeding from any injuries or wounds. Adults may have large, blood-filled bullae in the mouth. If the person's platelet count is between 30,000 and 50,000/mm3, bruising with minor trauma may be expected; if it is between 15,000 and 30,000/mm3, spontaneous bruising will be seen (mostly on the arms and legs).

[edit] Causes

Decreased platelet counts can be due to a number of disease processes:

[edit] Decreased production

[edit] Increased destruction

[edit] Medication-induced

platelets deficiency-inducing medications include:
  • Direct myelosuppression
  • Immunological platelet destruction
    • Drug binds Fab portion of an antibody. The classic example of this mechanism is the quinidine group of drugs. The Fc portion of the antibody molecule is not involved in the binding process.
    • Drug binds to Fc, and drug-antibody complex binds and activates platelets. Heparin induced thrombocytopenia (HIT) is the classic example of this phenomenon. In HIT, the heparin-antibody-platelet factor 4 (PF4) complex binds to Fc receptors on the surface of the platelet. Since Fc portion of the antibody is bound to the platelets, they are not available to the Fc receptors of the reticulo-endothelial cells, so therefore this system cannot destroy platelets as usual. This may explain why severe thrombocytopenia is not a common feature of HIT.
    • Abciximab induced thrombocytopenia.
More extensive lists of thrombocytopenia-inducing medications are available.[6]

[edit] Other causes

  • Snakebites, particularly by pit vipers.[7]
  • Onyalai, a disease of unknown etiology seen only in parts of Africa, but suspected of being caused by poor nutrition or consumption of tainted food.[8]

[edit] Comparing coagulation tests

Condition↓ Prothrombin time↓ Partial thromboplastin time↓ Bleeding time↓ Platelet count↓
Vitamin K deficiency or warfarin prolonged prolonged unaffected unaffected
Disseminated intravascular coagulation prolonged prolonged prolonged decreased
Von Willebrand disease unaffected prolonged prolonged unaffected
Haemophilia unaffected prolonged unaffected unaffected
Aspirin unaffected unaffected prolonged unaffected
Thrombocytopenia unaffected unaffected prolonged decreased
Early Liver failure prolonged unaffected unaffected unaffected
End-stage Liver failure prolonged prolonged prolonged decreased
Uremia unaffected unaffected prolonged unaffected
Congenital afibrinogenemia prolonged prolonged prolonged unaffected
Factor V deficiency prolonged prolonged unaffected unaffected
Factor X deficiency as seen in amyloid purpura prolonged prolonged unaffected unaffected
Glanzmann's thrombasthenia unaffected unaffected prolonged unaffected
Bernard-Soulier syndrome unaffected unaffected prolonged decreased

Shehbaz Nawaz and Company ae going to make Millions (Billions actually) on the name of "Sprays". They love such ventures where large sums of money(fat commissions) are to be made. I won't be surprised if they are the ones spreading rumors,even mosquitoes!

I think Lahore would be "furthest" from the equator city to have regualr cases of Dengue if the scare is true. I am not sure what Americans have to do with it but this outbreak does not sound natural. We are a four season sub tropical country. A disease like this which has been around for centuries, suddenly appearing for years is not a likely events. I am sure it has raised a few red lights in GHQ IF the cases are real. But the thing is, I don't have the figures(neither do the media morons) for the test of actual virus(RNA replication test).

As far I know,only National health laboratory in Islamabad, Shaukat Khanam lab in Lahore and Agha Khan Lab in Karachi are equipped to carry that out. And it takes a few weeks. I don't even what to say. Call me a conpiracy theorist, but I think at least MOST of the dengue cases are a case of misdiagnosis(usually self). Young doctors are idiots and real doctors are too scared to tell everyone for the same reason I am after  yesterday's little incident. Having second thoughts about telling people after my once best friend had a go at me and got a ear ful from me(would end up with a black eye if I see his ugly face anytime soon). And I knew the guy for over 10 years, Never mind the idiotpuna behind that though.

As Zaid Sahib correctly points outwe have to Fight this disinformation warfare no matter what:

يہ نغمہ فصل گل و لالہ کا نہيں پابند
بہار ہو کہ خزاں، لا الہ الا اللہ
اگرچہ بت ہيں جماعت کي آستينوں ميں
مجھے ہے حکم اذاں، لا الہ الا اللہ 

خودي کا سر نہاں لا الہ الا اللہ

Friday, 9 September 2011

Shah Nawaz Bhutto's Memogate

 Bhutto Family History Exposed:Ghaddar Ibn Ghaddar Ibn Ghaddar Ibn Ghaddar

Junagadh was a princely state, located in what is now Gujarat, outside but under the suzerainty of British India. The Nawab of Junagadh, Muhammad Mahabat Khanji III, whose ancestors had ruled Junagadh  for some two hundred years, decided that Junagadh should become part of Pakistan.  The Nawab acceded to the Dominion of Pakistan on 15 September 1947 against the pressure From Lord Mountbatten and India (Junagadh joined Pakistan by sea).
When Pakistan confirmed the acceptance of the accession in September, the Government of India was outraged that Muhammad Ali Jinnah could accept the accession of Junagadh.

Here I would like to add something else about the significance of Junagarh which has been hidden from the people of Pakistan, history blurred intentionally made to disappear. The famous "Somnath ka mandir" which "Mehmud Ghaznavi" destroyed.Here is the picture of ruins of Somnath ka mandir in 1869. It was the political military and propaganda center at the time and it was Mehmood Ghavnazi's version of Blitzkrieg that he surprised them with an attack there.

After the announcement by the last Viceroy of India, Lord Mountbatten, on 3 June 1947, of the intention to partition British India, the British parliament passed the Indian Independence Act 1947 on 11 July 1947. as a result, the native states were left with these choices: to remain independent or to accede to either of the two new dominions, the Union of India or the Dominion of Pakistan.
The Indian Government made efforts to persuade Nawab Sahab of Junagadh to accede to India, but he remained firm. The Indian minister V. P. Menon came to request an accession to India, threatening consequences in case of denial. The Nawab however decided to accede to Pakistan, and an announcement to this effect was made in the gazette of Junagadh (Dastrural Amal Sarkar Junagadh) on 15 August 1947.

After the cessation  The Nawab moved to Karachi (the state capital)with his family.

Guess who was Dewan(Chief Minister) of the Riyasat? Sir Shah Nawa Bhutto (Father of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto).

When Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was on his deathbed. Ghaddar struck!

On 8 November,  Ghaddar Bhutto sent a letter to Nilam Butch, Provincial Head of the Indian Government in Rajkot, requesting him to help to restore law and order in Junagadh to prevent bloodshed. Harvey Johnson took the message to Rajkot. The head of the Indian administration telephoned V. P. Menon in Delhi and read out the letter. Menon immediately rushed to see Jawaharlal Nehru and explained the oppurtunity. After consultation with other ministers and V. B. Patel, the home minister, a formal order was drafted and a notification issued announcing the take-over of Junagadh at the request of its Chief Minister. The notification promised a referendum in due course.

Entry of Indian forces

Soon columns of Indian tanks and other vehicles carrying Indian soldiers entered Junagadh state. At 6 p.m. on 9 November, Captain Harvey Johnson and Chief Secretary Gheewala, a civil servant of Junagadh state, formally handed over the charge of the State to the Indian Government.
On the same day, Nehru sent a telegram to Liaquat Ali Khan about the Indian take-over of Junagadh. Khan sent a return telegram to Nehru stating that Junagadh was Pakistani territory, and nobody except the Pakistan government was authorised to invite anybody to Junagadh. He also accused the Indian Government of naked aggression on Pakistan's territory and of violating international law. The Government of Pakistan strongly opposed the Indian occupation. Nehru wrote
In view of special circumstances pointed out by Junagadh Dewan that is the Prime Minister of Junagadh – our Regional Commissioner at Rajkot has taken temporarily charge of Junagadh administration. This has been done to avoid disorder and resulting chaos. We have, however, no desire to continue this arrangement and wish to find a speedy solution in accordance with the wishes of the people of Junagadh. We have pointed out to you previously that final decision should be made by means of referendum or plebiscite. We would be glad to discuss this question and allied matters affecting Junagadh with representatives of your Government at the earliest possible moment convenient to you. We propose to invite Nawab of Junagadh to send his representatives to this conference.
The Government of Pakistan protested, saying that the accession of the state to Pakistan was already accepted. In reply to the above telegram, the Prime Minister of Pakistan sent the following:
Your telegram informing that your Government had taken charge of Junagadh was received by me on November 10, 1947. Your action in taking over State Administration and sending Indian troops to state without any authority from Pakistan Government and indeed without our knowledge, is a clear violation of Pakistan territory and breach of International law. Indian Government’s activities on accession of Junagadh to Pakistan have all been directed to force the State to renounce accession and all kinds of weapons have been used by you to achieve this end. We consider your action in taking charge of Junagadh Administration and sending Indian troops to occupy Junagadh to be a direct act of hostility against Pakistan Dominion. We demand that you should immediately withdraw your forces, and relinquish charge of administration to the rightful ruler and stop people of Union of India from invading Junagadh and committing acts of violence.
This was the followed by a Press Statement made by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. It was communicated to Prime Minister of India on November 16, 1947 and read as follows:
In spite of the gravest provocation, we have refrained from any action which should result in armed conflict. We could with full justification and legal right could have sent our forces to Junagadh but at no time since the accession of state, was a single soldier sent by us to Junagadh and our advice throughout to the State Authorities was to exercise the greatest restraint. Manavadar, another State which had acceded to Pakistan and Mangrol and Babariawad have also been occupied by Indian troops.
Immediately after the take-over of the state, all rebel Muslim officials of the state were put behind the bars. They included Ismail Abrehani, a senior minister in the Junagadh government, who had taken the instrument of Accession to the Quaid-e-Azam for his signature. Abrehani refused to leave Junagadh, even when he was offered in jail the option of going to Pakistan, saying that despite its occupation Junagadh was part of Pakistan according to international law and he preferred to remain. He stayed and later died in Junagadh.

Somnath The Aftermath

When Sardar Patel, K. M. Munshi and other leaders of the Congress went to Gandhi with the proposal of reconstructing the Somnath temple and destruction of the mosque, Gandhi blessed the move . Mehmood Ghaznavi took te door of Somnath with him which was in Kabul right upto 1948 when Afghan Gov being Afghan Gov gifted it to India. He expressed that he was proud to associate himself to the project of renovation of the temple.Soon both Gandhi and Sardar Patel died and the task of reconstruction of the temple continued under K. M. Munshi, who was the Minister for Food and Civil Supplies in the Nehru Government.he ruins were pulled down in October 1950 a and the mosque brought down.


After 1024 when Mehmod Ghaznavi destoryed the tyranny of Brahmans, it was 1965 when Somnath(the area|) took a real hit. Pakistan Navy Bombarded it  for hours during the 1965 war. "Operation Dwarka", also known as "Operation Somnat". Indian Naval Base of Dwarka was reduced to rubble during the raid.


Operation Dwarka is one of the most significant events of 1965 Indo-Pak war which reflected courage, determination, professional competence, dedication and coordination of the PN personnel involved in it. The objectives of this operation were:
a. To draw the heavy enemy units out of Bombay for the submarine GHAZI to attack
b. To destroy the radar installation at Dwarka
c. To lower Indian morale
d. To divert Indian Air effort away from the north

On 7 September 1965 when the ships were on their normal war patrol, the following signal was received from Naval Headquarters:

“Task group comprising PNS BABUR, PNS KHAIBAR, PNS BADR, PNS JAHANGIR, PNS ALAMGIR, PNS SHAHJAHAN and PNS TIPU SULTAN is to be in position 239 degrees – 120 miles from Dwarka light house by 071800 E Sep with maximum power available. Task group thereafter to carryout bombardment of Dwarka about midnight using 50 rounds per ship. Force is to retire from bombardment area by 080030 E Sep and return to present patrol area at full speed. One or two enemy frigates may be expected to encounter in the area in addition to enemy air threat”

The Commodore Commanding PN Flotilla accordingly originated his signal at 1835, the salient features of which were:

a. The initial position for attack was 206 degrees Dwarka light 6 miles
b. The target was to be city installations and conspicuous chimney
c. Complete radio silence was to be maintained except for guarding air warning radar.

The Fleet immediately topped up fuel and shaped course for Dwarka operation. At midnight the ships were on Initial Position (IP) with all their guns loaded and the men ready to strike a historic punch on enemy’s face. The city of Dwarka was completely blacked out and target could only be idengified on radar. At 0024 bombardment was ordered to commence when ships were 5.5 to 6.3 miles from Dwarka light. It took only four minutes to complete the bombardment, firing altogether about 350 rounds on the target. Upon successful completion of the attack the ships retired immediately without any loss or damages. There was no considerable resistance from the enemy and the ships safely arrived at their patrol area by 0635 on 8 Sep. 

Dawarka Operation - September 1965-Commanding Officers
Standing L-R Cdr I F Quadir, Cdr K M Hussain, Cdr S Z Shamsie
Sitting Cdr A Aslam, Capt M A K Lodhi, Commodore S M Anwar, Capt A Hanif, Cdr I H Malik

Commanding officers of PNS Babur, PNS Khaibar, PNS Badr, PNS Jahangir, PNS Alamgir, PNS Shah Jahan and PNS Tipu Sultan. Commodore S.M. Anwar is seated in middle

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Interesting Report by CNN:Surveys taken by Pew researchers showed growing concern the "war on terrorism" was really a war on Islam.

Marvi and Kamran Shahid(Indian assets): Art and sex. What you don't understand don't defame.

Kamran why do you say aek minute whenever someone responds to Marvi? Coins from India? Bastard

I feel like responding to what she, the silly person said. She was talking about Nudity and sex on prime time on a channel which children regularly watch(Bravo Express news for letting her..!) like it was some kind of drawing a pencil type of thing. These kinds of silly arguments are not only too old to get a feminine and pretty enlightened moderate of Marvi version to bed(yuck for even the thought of it).
 I tried to think what would I do if I was at the show, now I have a lot of what these enlightened moderates put as feudal mindset. Here is what I would do, I would tell Marvi and Kamran to be quiet basically.

pseudo intellectuals. Morons, Indian assets. You are trying to imply there is no relationship between sex and nudity. Children are watching, do you even want me to continue?(she probably would).

Anyway ending what possible scenario of replacing Tameezdar people with angry young men like me on the show. I find it necessary to correct the false information she was spreading yesterday. Although I would have to mark the post 21 +(consider yourself warned).
Nudity Sex and the portrayal part is a broad broad broad subject and really Marvi and RAW funded SAFMA wouldn't know the first thing about it. Yes artists are portraying sex, whats there to doubt on the name of modernism? Now if you want to engage on discussion with me on pagan symbolism and the sexual side to it you should do so behind closed door. In some drawing room in privacy.  What these lost "Enlightened(not so) Moderates" are..This is not even
modernism what SAFMA is talking about, and sociologically speaking we are somewhere between two phases from post post modern era. Or three perhaps. Sex is a basic component on depiction of certain (several in most) aspects of art. Its a part of life accepted by most medieval arts and hence portrayed. The argument that nuditiy is and "art" and not related to sex is beyond nonsense and comprehensible.
Try to realize why women wear what they wear in contrast to men what they wear in Tennis. Now I don't want to go all Freud on Miss.Madhury, sorry Marvi(her ideas are as ridiculous as Kamran Madhuri's name). I don't expect SAFMA to understand, neither is their motive to do so. They just want irrelevant discussions at war time and their CIA $s to keep flowing. Barvo RAW! You grad bread from hands of 1/4th of world's hungry to fill SAFMA's Kuppi. How do you guys sleep at night? In Marvi I see another Tasleema Nasreen if she is not taken care of soon. Probably would be, she is such a stupid person she probably think CIA cares about her.

And all hails to Karman for constantly Mocking the Mufti sab he invited, snubbing Orya Maqbool and inviting some Hijab Lady who had good intentions but was thinking of Marvi as a slightly distracted girl then a what she is.  Not to mention twisting the questions to suite Madhuri,damn Marvi. Why do I keep thinking of Kamran Madhuri when I write Marvi's name and not Marvi Memon? Oh yeah because of the stupid name and stupidity of Marvi. I think we should call her Marvi Madhuri for reference. 
It would acknowledge her Indian connection and no one would have to ask Which Marvi?


Dude! Madhuri Saanb! Gays aur Lesbians par Rehem karo they must be begging for mercy.
You are the worst self ritious self proclaimed self style crusader they could have ever imagined in their worst nightmare. And here We(the non homosexuals who feel homosexuality is un natural) though Tariq Amen was bad, its like Obama after Bush for them lol.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry: Tarek Par tarekh

Seriously, Reminds me of this Bollywood Movie scene..!

O Bhai! O Baba! Tum nay Kuch Karna hey to karo warna Ghar maro logo ka waqt kyon zaya kartay hoo? Tum aur tumharey behuda good for none going nowhere remarks. Aur phir Tarekh par Tarekh. Not to mention the self praise which never ends when you start talking about your "achievements".

You were low enough to drag supreme court to the matter of "doo bootal sharab"(Atiqa Odha? Seriously?) at war time when you didn't care about people dying. And the fact is, you couldn't or didn't do a thing about that Either!(Bravo!)

There was this show on some TV channel named "Gullu ki aftarian". I think think you should name your mellow dramatic morning tv "Iftikhar ki tarekhain".

Thursday, 1 September 2011

The comedy without limits, the schoolboy bullied become bullies without limits

What would a monkey do if he had a match? He would set the world on fire...

Thats what more or less most of our Media tycoons(goons if you ask me) tried to do when they got the power of media in very shady circumstances to say the least. People who no one listened to in their house, let alone their gali muhalla started mistaking themselves for Saviors.

As Zaid Hamid puts it, good intentions do not necessarily guarantee success.m Example is that of a man trying to fly a plane without training or experience with "very good intentions" is bound to crash himself and passengers along with him. Taking down any poor soul on the ground that he might hit despite his or her good intentions.

Remember the guy who whinned about Police shoving and pushing and said there can be no revolution until police joins us and stops beating us(police maray gee to Inquilab kaisay laye gey).

My respects To Mr.Toru. Its simply not his fault. Our boys lack resources and fundamental training. National Cadet core can cater for a lot and Zaid Hamid is doing a great service for starters.

Anyway,thats another story for another time. I don't want to divert from the topic. Lets talk about Comedians, "Enligtened moderate comedians" who have crossed all bounderies on the name of Freedom. Four man show and Khabarnaak and another show at Geo (don't recal the name) are a classic example.

I don't know why no one has sued them yet, probably our stupid and already clogged judiciary. I don't even where to start on them. All their obnoxious stuff is available on you tube and anyone can see it and make up their mind. If one can see it through without but irritated(I can't). And to top it all the classic excuse don't watch it if you don't like it. Making fun of our heroes and getting away with this bogus excuse. Bravo!

If people like them were in a Village, I don't think anyone would let me enter their "baithak" "daraa" "Dairaa" or sitting. They would probably be called "Nash" (Manhoos,pessimist) and Every elder and elderly of the village would be giving them earful day and night until they mend their ways..

There are people who are trying to work, there are people who are trying to make a living. There are people who make a honest day's labor. There is a world outside their world they have a detachment with. And it would eventually cost them dearly. Problem is it is and would cost us too. These idiots are doomed anyway, and soon. I pray to Allah we are rid of these "geniuses".

Take this boy for instance(Man if you allow me) named Ali Moeen Nawazish. Now you need to pass three Subject according to HEC to get an FSC equivalence (used to be). This genius instead of passing A levels and moving on decided to stay and apparently make a "world" record in Getting "A"s in A levels(high school). Subjects like "Human Biology" "GP" "Marine Sciences". GP is not even accepted by HEC for crying out loud. I don't having a problem with him doing whatever with his life, I don't mind even if he pulls an Aeroplane with his teeth to get his name into Genieees book of world record.
But since his higness himself and media and he happily accepts to be the futuristic present futurized version of himself which is the Messiah and a role model for the "Lost" sheep of Pakistan I do have a  Problem. I Love Pakistan. Pakistan is an Ishq a Junoon. 

To be clear here I am not making fun of the act of the student to score so&so As and honored for it. I am talking about the attitude which lead him forming an NGO(or Moblink doing so for him) after passing High School, appearing in TV commercial as some kind of Hero instead of training himself better. In the process setting a very wrong example and making fun of the whole lot of things.

Don't even get me started on NGOs(again another topic for another time). Instead of concentrating on his career he started appearing on every talk show he could bombarding his inferior countrymen with as much free advices as he could. Almost none of which made sense. Why would they? He is Kid! He would probably not know the first thing about running a country and Geniuses on TV were nodding on his advices like idiots. Once or twice fine, but even a few days back he was on PTV sitting with his leg on one another. Like he is some lost I donot know what to do ideologically(someone do him a favor and tell him what it is) college boy(as he is), all he lacked was a cigarette commenting on most serious issues. That's what we say bandar kay hath mein machis. All this took a toll and poor kid barely passed College despite changing his subjects to politics psychology and sociology!

On the other hand there is this boy who scored 28 As in O levels. Now thats a reasonable boy. He was not trying to pull any monkey tricks neither pretending to be someone he is not. Not learning to become a better slave either. He scored 11 As then changed his Subjects in A levels. Then started studying O levels to build a solid base and appeared int he exams alongwith his A levels. Then he said,what the hell, I am almost there, lets make a record.

You listen to him, you find a reasonable boy who wants to work hard and become someone in life. Someone asked him do you want to be finance minister of Pakistan, he said you don't become Finance Minister overnight! I would be glad to work in the finance department...
Our Nawazish Boy on the other hand wanted people to put a crown on his head and take him to Presidency and benefit from his Genius advices. And experience(of Passing A levels).


I have been hard on Ali Moeen Nawazish, if he or any of his family/friends/fans reading this. My apologies, I wish him all the best. I don't know him personally, I am against the whole attitude of not training people and putting limelight on them.