Little Boxes of thoughts seperated and put in prospective

Little Boxes of thoughts seperated
and put in prospective

Monday, 27 May 2013

28th May 1998..Why I romanticize Pakistan....

28 May...... Was told before I went to preschool that Pakistan has Nuclear weapons(early 80s)..Now am told my Grandfather was told we soon after we acquired nuclear capability(1983)Reaffirmed in early 90s when I had the honor of meeting a nuclear scientist who paid us a visit..Explained the difference between hydrogen bomb and simple vala nuclear bomb and just smiled meaningfully when I asked him if we have thermonuclear devices..Must be mid 90s..In 1998..Was so passionate about the nuclear tests that I would have gladly volunteered to assassinate Nawaz Sharif who was constantly showing reluctance..Despite Growing Public and military pressure.. My Grand Uncle.. Professor/principle of GC sargodha/Director Colleges Mr.Abdul Hameed (RIP) ..The same person who first told me what is "The protocols of the elders of Zions"when I was a kid..Told us (cause of his sources) that when we(the Pakistanis) actually pressed the button the bomb did't go off for a few seconds(later confirmed by media)..And then he told us when the bomb actually exploded against odds all the scientists went to Sajda e shukar at that very moment and Dr.A Q Khan actually said those were the longest seconds of his life...
As they knew..A failure means an instant attack on our strategic assets...An imminent American/Israeli/Indianan attack because of which the test was rushed..Not many people remember at the night of 27th there was a countrywide black out for a few second because intelligence reported an attack on our strategic assets(If you youtube a but you can find then foreign ministers Gohar Ayub Confirming the threat)..The website I subscribed to which used to email a translated Jummay ka Khutba from Masjib al Aqsa(Occupied Land)..Where they prayed for Pakistan...
There is a Reason I romanticize Pakistani ideology..From Indonesia to Morroco that day people celebrated and despite US And UN sanctions all the Muslims countries congratulated Pakistan. Saudi Arabia actually loaned three years worth of oil(later written off as expected). Delegation arrived from all over the world..Remember seeing a Syrian one of TV. THAT DAY there were celebration in Palestinian refugee Camps.. THAT Day even the most "Casual about international events then" cousin  said lets fire a few bursts of AK 47 and celebrate. We didn't because he was later (unfortunately) stung by a scorpion later that day..The day I remember my dad offering do nafal of shukrana after hearing about the much expected tests on CNN BREAKING NEWS(then a big event).

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tonight with myself..Why do I even bother..

What sounds like yesterday I had a bitter exchange of words with a Libyan Rebel propagandist. With one of them eventually taunting me if I have taken the job of Musa Ibrahim and that my job would a short one.  It is unfortunate most of his logic was much like most my friends use for Imran Khan. That what is the other choice, and how stupid and arrogant I am for supporting Gaddafi who had suled for what four decades ? And that I am supporting a Dictator.
 And how soon I would be either coming to Libya for Business claiming I was always a Gaddafi opponent or envy the Libyan progress. Or even see the implementation of "Real Islam". Needless to say NO SIR I WAS NOT a fan of Mr.Gaddafi(Neither I am of Nawaz Sharif),on the contrary I had my share of disagreements with him and NO I DONT think ANYONE except the British Petroleum wants to go to Libya to do business these days.

They(the rebels)were just too  naive or powerless to see the fact behind the so called "Arab Spring". The finances behind Imran Khan may look normal and coming from Donations today but one day soon in the future PTI supporters would be asking them real questions. Although I don't blame them entirely, Popularity of IK is for the same reason Bhutto was popular,same reason people would even follow a person like TUQ whose ..whose ..personality/character I know for personal reason is highly questionable to say the least.

The reason is simple,people are just too tang or frustrated. Unfortunately their love is misdirected and at this stage I sometimes feel explaining them everything rationally is even asking too much. However, the privileged ones should have some sense. Too much of tv and too little of history books,recipe for disaster.

Needless to see by 20th things would have cleared,a week should be dramatic and I ask Allah for kher.
In these situation,which I think it is now..Providence takes it course. I don't think anyone is calling the shots now. General Kayani lost the anchor long ago. Now from the ashes and dust something new is to rise. I do hope that would be for the best.

I do not for a moment believe it is our destiny that we would perish. I do think Pakistan has Prophet Muhammad's (saw)'s blessing and it is not Allah's will for Pakistan to perish. Then I suppose by default we await a glorious destiny.

I don't know how it would come,I am not a wali or darvaish. I have my shares of crosses to carry. But a day of reckoning as Mario Puzo put in Godfather may not be beyond the 20th. And those who have not read the novel(being majority of people who have seen the movie) it is when don kills all his enemies. I do mean it partly as a figure of speech and partly I do fear it is inevitable. Not the killing of enemies alone, the whole scenario I blogged about recently. And I do assume no one would bother to read upto this point,if someone has and wants to read my blog one can message me I would be more then willing to share the url.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Pakistan elections....Tip of the iceberg&the fifth generation war

With a strict blackout on Media on Anthony sense able being labelled a "conspiracy theory" most would disagree with this article.

Lets face it. General Kayani has failed us all. Someone said the other day that he is known as "Baji" in the Army. Please note for the record that I am not in favor of a Coup d'état
within the army, I am just (which you would realize later) of a view that it might simply be the last resort.

Lets face it, Nawaz Sharif would be able to win 30% of the seats at best, if you take my analysis,half the amount.

Imran at best would bag more or less same number of seats in the national assembly provided NWFP goes with IK.

Nawaz Sharif is no longer compatble with Pakistan more then Benazir Bhutto used to be,yes I believe he is a traitor and especially after his recent commitment to Indians to try the people behind Kargil war he is simply not acceptable. Do I need remind he had almost settled the Kashmir issue with LOC being the international border? Compromised on Kashmir? Which he proudly boasts about?

Can you try Military officers for attempting to liberate Kashmir? He said he would investigate Mumbai attack(the so called Mumbai attacks) implying Pakistan Army has some kind of hand in it. Would he then try General Pasha?

Iftikhar Chaudhry and co. are trying Musharraf for Bugti Murder,would they also try the soldier responding to rockets being fired from his side? Would he then also try our soldiers fighting TTP?

The golden question is,who would win in Balochistan. Pakistan Army has refused to provide protection to civilians(under the cover of obeying Zardari) and BLA are armed to the nail. You can not fight armed groups in ballot when you don't have bullets(remember 71?). ANP has in the five years appointed countless people in critical positions who can help them win.

What if BLA wins the polls by gun and the Indian Puppet regime declares autonomy or so called independence. With MQM and ANP following suite? Where would we stand then?

If elections are held in tribal areas,free and fair. With TTP allowed to hold a family hostage and ask half of it to vote for them,the 2013 version of free and fair who you think would win?

The Trillion Dollar Question of our times would be then..What would Army do? Would people accept General Kayani who decided to sit back and smoke it off as the country refuses to perish despite 16 hours(literally) of Load shedding? Would the core commanders tell General Kayani to go(like Yahya?)?.

Would people not ask for the blood of those responsible at that late stage? How did the Army let things come to that? They can leak one photo file or video and discredit Imran Nawaz and Zardari..

My question is if and when/there would be a choice between country and Kayani would the commanders act? What are they waiting for?

The world is at a stage where even fourth generation war has become obsolete. We are into the times when Israel bombs Syria and instead of it taken as an act of war and the Muslim world reacting in anger it is accepted as a regular event,a place where US planes(unmanned supposedly) bomb Pakistan and its no big deal.
We live in times when a Pakistan Ranger is sentenced to death when he shoots a man who tries to go for his gun because of edited foot ages repeating on media and a CJ who like media attention. And then he punishes the commanding officer who is good 10 ranks above the officer and never ordered the act of self defence(or a mistake at worst). Would army go out of the way and help PTI so they can wait out the American occupation in Afghanistan..? Would they help win in Balochistan? Is Nawaz Sharif more dangerous? It doesn't seem likely that Army would do that. For the moment its armed to the teeth Indian backed terrorists in Balochistan NWFP and Karachi.

What are you waiting for Mr.Kayani? Or whoever would replace him(one way or another).

My comments on Imran Khan's boombastic helicopter Safari

Woh fareb khurda shaheen jo pala ho kargason mein
Usse kya khabar ki kya hai rah-o-rasm-o-shaah baazi

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