Little Boxes of thoughts seperated and put in prospective

Little Boxes of thoughts seperated
and put in prospective

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Dedicated to Captain Yahya Shaheed..Ch.Aslam Shaheed and Aitzaz Hussien Shaheed

Dedicated to Two Pakistanis who sacrificed their lives(two today one yesterday)..And countless other who have or would do the same. To those who are injured,were or would be.on and beyond the call of duty today.. Those who are the most honoreable people in the world today.. Captain Yahya who was martyered in South Waziristan, and Ch.Aslam who was martyred in Karachi..Boy Aitzaz Hussien who sacrificed himself to save his school (school fellows and teachers) .

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

La Maison Islamabad closed by the Authorities

Media is reporting for a few days with uncertainty that it has closed for operating without license and serving Alcohol without permission or Law to do it. AlJazeera now reported that it has been shut down. Interstingly as usual Aljazeera is taking twitter as "Voice of the people" and reporting the alleged "Mixed" reaction.

I do wonder however,whats up with Qadiani talk on twitter,trying as usual to connect this to their own cult(somehow) to the way Pakistanis as a nation should be treated like untouchables. Surprises me a bit. They should,(if they are Qadiani to begin with) remember the way Pakistanis have defended their human rights in this war against terror. More then a hundred thousand have died and at least twice(Probably more) seriously injured,less then 0.5 %..Way less are Qadianis.

So he was operating without license,had a boot lagging (Liqour) operation. And no reports of any legal proceedings against the owner just because he is "French" and yet some people in Pakistan have a "Mixed" feeling according to Aljazeera. To Comment on Aljazeera is itself a self defeating idea as it is known to have an agenda of its own. And I do think its pretty self evident by now.

Anyway,way to go administration...Handled what could have been a disaster wisely. Case closed as far I am concerned. Yet it should be kept in mind that such attempts would also be made in the future to create nonsense controversies which are barely of any use and can quickly get out of hand. Great caution and wisdom must be exercised when dealing with such issue. It is wise to cut them at the root instead of this becoming an international incident.

Friday, 3 January 2014

La Maison in Islamabad:Dogs and Pakistanis not allowed?

Since yesterday there is an outrage in Pakistanis about a French Restaurant in Islamabad which would not allow(refuse) Pakistanis entry,unless they are dual nationals or accompanied by "Foreigners".

Apparently the restaurant does employ Pakistanis and Muslims to serve patrons, suggesting that it’s alright for them to be in a service capacity and handle the non-halal food in the restaurant but not be served there(Courtesy some article,this paragraph).

Before we go Def Con 1 on France, I must remind you Governor House Lahore has more or less the same policy in my opinion.

Whats the use defending at front vigorously if we are going to lose the ideological war in Islamabad,and we are going to allow ourselves to be treated like Colonial Subjects??

Frankly, like many it remind me of "Dogs and Indians not allowed" Snub from the British Colonial Rule. Apparently this stupid moron(no idea whats he doing in Pakistan offending Pakistanis anyway) says he wants to cause no offence because he is serving "Authentic" French cousine which is actually not Halaal.
It is outrageous because not only its against the law,but an "authentic" french would also serve good wine(I guess). 

You can not serve alcohol in restaurants in Pakistan, non Muslim and Foreigners are allowed to hold permits which allows them to buy liquor and consume it in privacy.

Frankly this French restaurant in Diplomatic enclave sounds like some half baked conspiracy. What for? I don't know, what Frenchman in his right mind would open a restaurant,serve non halaal food and refuse entry to Pakistani nationals in ISLAMABAD? Actually that would make the resturant vunereable to terrorist attacks and Vandalism. Not to mention, I can assure you the resturant has NOT gone through the health department checks which would have sealed it for serving non halaal food(and Bacon I am guessing). 

Personally I do not mind if someone is dinning French or eating bacon at home,discreetly imported in their own luggage. I Do however mind someone creating new problems for us at a time when we are already engaged in a War on terror(gone terribly wrong). Denying entry to Pakistanis in a restaurant in Pakistan?(Non Muslims and Muslims).

CDA I am sure(Capital development authority) has not issued the restaurant a valid trade certificate, Excise department can check for alcohol,  and ISI should check who the hell is doing what and why at our expense. And Visa for the owner should be immediately revoked and he should be sent home,if he refuses deported. He can face civil suits on discrimination from there, and of course he can get the required permits,go through health checks(good luck with that btw) and re open as "people of all nationalities including local one, all races and religions welcomed" restaurant. Halaal food is not that bad(its pretty good actually),it can be used to make some excellent French cosine.