Little Boxes of thoughts seperated and put in prospective

Little Boxes of thoughts seperated
and put in prospective

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Pakistan has developed smartest nuclear tactical devices

Ansar Abbasi Wednesday, November 30, 2011

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s nuclear programme has made some extraordinary progress by developing one of the world’s smartest nuclear tactical devices, it has been learnt.

According to a western diplomat, the former dictator and the then President General Pervez Musharraf, during one of his meetings with US officials, had deemed it proper to convey it to the Americans what Pakistan possessed and how the country’s nuclear scientists had secured the defence of Pakistan.

The diplomatic source said that New Delhi also knows what Pakistan has produced and what is really unmatched. The Indians got this source said and believed that Musharraf intentionally conveyed this to the Americans so that the country is not treated by the US like Afghanistan and Iraq Pakistan is neither a signatory to NPT nor CTBT, however, it has unilaterally decided to use its nuclear programme only as deterrence against any foreign aggression.

After becoming the target of the Western capitals particularly Washington, which have been unleashing all sorts of propaganda against Pakistan’s nuclear programme, Islamabad has developed one of the most credible and foolproof command and control systems for its nuclear programme. The US authorities have acknowledged the credibility and security of Pakistan’s nukes.

Wikipedia quotes a Washington-based science think tank as saying that Pakistan is increasing its capacity to produce plutonium at its Khushab nuclear facility. The website said that the estimated Pakistani nuclear weapons was probably in the neighbourhood of more than 200 by the end of 2009.

It, however, adds that the actual size of Pakistan’s nuclear stockpile is hard for experts to gauge owing to the extreme secrecy, which surrounds the programme. Pakistan’s nuclear programme was started by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto while the country conducted its nuclear test on May 28, 1998 during Nawaz Sharif’s tenure.

Ishq ko Faryaad Lazim thee so woh bhi ho chuki Ab dil tham kay Faryaad ki taseer Dekh

Aftermath of Salala attacks

Aek ho muslim haram ki pasbani ke liye
neel ke saahil se le kar taabkhaak e kaashghar

jo karega imtiyaaz e rang o khoon mit jaayega
turk-e-khar gaahi ho ya araabi wala gahar 

nasal agar muslim ki mazhab per muqadam hogai
ud gaya duniya se tu manind-e-khaak-e-rah guzar 

taa khilafat ki bina duniya may ho phir istwar
laa kahin se dhund kar aslaaf ka qalb-o-jigar 

aye ke na-shanaasi khafi ra az jali hoshiyar baash
aye garftar-e-abubakar-o-ali hoshoyar baash 

ishq ko thee faryad laazim so vo bhi hogai
ab zara dil thaam kar faryad ki taaseer dekh 

tu ne dekha satwat e raftar e darya ka uruj
mauj-e-maztar kis tarha banti hai ab zanjeer dekh 

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Zaid Hamid sahab - 11th Hour - Memo Scandal and Haqqani [23-11-11]

  • ہزار خوف ہو لیکن زبان ہو دل کی رفیق
               یہی رہا ہے ازل سے قلندروں کا طریق

Mazhar Abbas is an idiot, CIA asset. Trying to pass time babbling. Captain Safdar (mule of the year) trying to put his leg in out of nowhere to defend Americans lol.Here is the article Zaid Sb Mentions in the show:

Now what? - Mohammad Malick

 The writer is

editor The News, Islamabad.

At the time of writing these lines, the all-powerful civil-military tribunal had yet to hold its promised huddle with Ambassador Haqqani. Surely, he will be asked to resign but while his inevitable resignation must not be taken as being tantamount to his admission of guilt, it does highlight the fatal consequence of state representatives confusing themselves with the state itself. The expected resignation will not mark the culmination of a raging controversy but signal the beginning of silent and far more meaningful changes.

According to informed sources, armed with highly incriminating communication data evidence, the non-civilian part of the power equation has already worked out a national charter of demands in which Haqqani’s removal is a minimum starter. Word has it that the military establishment, while weary of seeking any direct role is also conscious of the public sentiment of being held responsible for helping the marauding government stay in the saddle. It wants the system to work without stepping in, if possible. A middle ground may yet be found in case Haqqani is made to walk his resignation talk and the matters reach level two. In such an eventuality and still holding a smoking gun, in the first phase the Rawalpindi chaps may ask the government to cause massive changes in top managements of various state institutions and corporations being headed by known incompetent and corrupt government cronies. If this covert effort of restoring some sanity to governance fails then we could well see a renewed effort to find out the accomplices in this dirty-memo case. You get it, right?

Talking of state functionaries suffering the Napoleon syndrome. In June this year, Haqqani reportedly played dinner host to a couple of prominent former federal ministers along with their spouses. One former minister in particular stands out as he has remained a close associate of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, served twice in her cabinet, and was once fairly close to Mr. President who at that time was just Mr. Zardari. The dinner guests also included a few Americans including a leading functionary of the Homeland Security Department. The dinner conversation flowed the way of drinks. Tongues loosened up. Guards came down. At one point, Ambassador Haqqani reportedly told his rather startled Pakistani friends that the 

 Americans had identified 362 military targets in Pakistan, including 28 in and around Islamabad alone, and asked our prominent friend to share his address so in case he was near one of the chosen targets he could be told to move away to safety. These targets, according to the shared discussion, included even the residences of irritating military decision makers and not just security affairs related installations.

Haqqani, according to one of the many dinner guests, then talked rather boisterously about his extremely close links with the US administration and at one point reportedly told his guests that whenever he went to have a meeting with his US counterparts he decided unilaterally what he had to say and not what his government wanted him to. “Every time I have a candid discussion with them, and that is why they trust me. At the end of my meetings, I leave the FO brief telling them it was my official duty to hand over this pack of official lies,” he reportedly told his Pakistani guests.

Fast forward to October. A perturbed sounding Husain Haqqani, according to Mansoor Ijaz, called him up to find out whether he knew anything about the DG ISI flying into London to discuss the memo issue. At the time, according to Mansoor, the envoy had believed that the DG ISI was coming to meet with FT chaps to get more detailed info and wanted Mansoor to ask the FT chaps to desist from sharing info. Little did he know who was coming to meet who. But since we have been taking every claim of Mansoor with a bucket of salt, I subject this claim also to the same level of suspicion.

Why am I sharing these asides? Because I don’t look for grand designs behind every big development. I believe in majority of cases, individual ambitions and subsequent actions sire larger than life devastating consequences. Don’t forget that the sacking of the chief justice had its genesis in the denied individual ambitions of someone wanting to be a Supreme Court judge. The memo controversy too, I believe, was spawned by an individual vaulting ambition and may just end up deciding the fate of more than one in the coming months.

Personality can never be taken out of politics, rather it is the personal traits of an individual that predominantly define the political outlook and even more important, the practices. President Zardari is no exception. Temperamentally, he is anything but a meek docile pushover who would scamper under the bed every time the floor boards creek in the night. He does not shirk from bold moves. He loves to roll the dice even if it appears loaded against him. Like an incorrigible compulsive gambler, even after calling it a night and on his way home, he will still yank the lever of that shiny slot machine right by the casino exit. He is someone who loves to push back when pushed, call the other side’s bluff while doubling his own, believes power to be the sole justified end -- means be damned, and thrives on his reputation of being ‘yaaron kaa yaar’ (friend of friends). The unfolding Mullen-memo mess is likely to see all these traits come into play and it is his personal countenance more than anything else, which shall ultimately dictate the future contours of country’s political and power landscape. What is really important therefore is not how the president deals with Husain Haqqani’s personal future but that of the entire political structure.

It matters little whether Ambassador Haqqani resigns or is made to resign because what matters is how the president and his team deal with the fallout. Things could move smoothly if the presidency views this controversy as a bump on the road instead of making it an ego issue and lie low for a vengeful strike back a few weeks or months down the road. That would be disastrous for democracy.

How the president behaves in the coming days is the key to the future. A rather interestingly incisive analysis of president’s ‘political persona was done by a former federal minister who used to be extremely close to Benazir Bhutto and at one time, was also considered a close friend of the president himself. To quote him, “ On close observation, one can analyse and filter down the president’s power politics doctrine to four basic principles. 1) The first rigid political principle is that there are no rigid principles in politics. 2) If there is a problem then throw in concessions and money and ‘buy’ a solution. 3) Do not resist an irresistible force. 4) But, do not give in till a force becomes irresistible”. Hopefully, the president will realise that the heavy dossier of evidence has created an irresistible force and in such a case he knows exactly what to do.

The memo has changed a lot more in the power equation than is apparent at this moment. Theatrics won’t do anymore. No more these cheeky cloak-and-dagger games. We live in a serious world with serious challenges and can’t afford vagaries of foolish ambitions. Individuals are dispensable, the country is not.

Ideologically yours:God's Sleeper Cells and Ideological reservists

" the last Hours of peace reservists put on their uniform with a tired Grin"(World at war Episode 1:A new Germany).

What are we? Sometimes I feel like we are God's sleeper cells, or ideological reservists.
We have private lives, do they mess with our personal lives? Do they enhance our lives? Are they a bond? I don't know. I think what we believe on gives ur multi dimensional wings. Emphatic understanding can be a blessing and a curse,depending on the circumstances.

The fact remains  we are who we are. I have seen like minded people. We are no Geniuses or idiots. We are just people with the urge(tarap) Iqbal wants us to have,or the mere wish of it.

Iqbal is a Phenomena, so are we,in essence. We are no way the Shaheens of Iqbal we dream of. But we do are the Soldiers and present of Islam. For better or for worse. It is or would be this generation. We may not be trained or focused or know what to do, but we are damn poised to learn!

Ok everything aside, Allah has saved us from multiple attacks of Zionist psychological warfare. And now seen it happen, bunches of patriots coming together slowly,forming like minded groups is heartwarming. Nothing short of miracles. Reshaping of middle east is actually a reality now, and so is our Resistance on each and every axis to it. And Alhamdulillah a Strong Pakistan which sounds like a natural leader to the Future United States of Islam.

The other day in my post I clarified Zaid Hamid has really helped me(and sure a lot of people like me) put things in prospective. But he is hardly the first or the last to carry this phenomena. Although he is a true flag bearer and a legend of our generation.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Why I talk,talk&sometimes keep talking

Lots of people ask me,why you waste your time saying all that stuff which people might or might not get. Its a long story. Lets just say I did't come to what I believe in a day. In 1998 I remember there was this usenet type of Yahoo clubs, and I used to get less understanding then I do today. Probably due to my shallow understanding of stuff. Today actually a lot of people get what I say.
I remember there was talk about the "dream" of every Muslim to have an Organization that would topple all pro western Gov. That is years before anyone heard of Al Qaeda. Whose origins and existence I have concerns about btw.

Taliban were in power,people were having difficulty accepting them.
 In a nutshell, people from Lebanon, I Remember they were the first one to face a direct invasion. At the time reshaping of middle east existed in theory and to be honest it seemed like a distant future. You know when ur 15 things look a little distant in the future.
Soon Iraqis were running around, racing for arms to protect their families. Bombed for no reason.  a decade later(almost) then things have really accelerated. In last few months Alone us has basically divided more then half a dozen countries(Somalia,Sudan,Libya,Egypt,Iraq,Afghanistan,Kazakhstan and lots more in the pipe line). It is happening,one way or another. Libyans did't ask for what was coming, neither did Iraqis or Sudanee or Somaliz or Egyptions. Their only weakness, weakness. Ignorance, they lost to CIA before they faced the actual invasion.

Takdeer ke qazi ka yeh fatwa hai azal se  
hai jurm-e-zaifi ki sazaa marg-e-mafajaat.

Syrians,they have regular troops,who knows. They might stand, I think they would. They should according to my calculations against odds. Pakistan is probably the last stronghold of Muslim(militarily) from where we are free to practice our religion and expand. And it is destiny for us to lead the United States of Islam. Lets hope for the best.
This is not empty talk,there is a time for everything,this is the time for understand the spiritual dynamic of Pakistan and  de hypnotize one's self from the effects of psy ops. Jumping like fools in the streets would achieve what exactly? Without aim without focus without knowing what one is doing? Without training without leadership? Heck,without reforming yourself. There is a Time for everything, there is even a Time for call to arms.But,it seems to me if civilians are forced to pick up weapons. It means army has been wiped out(like In Iraq). Then one can basically stay in the line of fire and pray(and keep firing). But Insha Allah that time would not come.

We would bury Sharif Zardari or anyone(be it TTP or PTI) who is compromised.

These Sharifs.. Zardaris IK, they are really small issues, they have to be dealt with but they are hardly the obstacle in establishing Khilafat Minhajul Nabbuwat right now. They are little Dajjals. They can be taken care of Pakistan army in 15 minutes. We have to understand whats at stake here. OR we would end up like Muslims of Iraq or Libya(God Forbid), time for toba would be over and we would have to pay for our mistakes by our blood,sweat and tears. And what happens to Women (God Forbid) one can only imagine In Swat Indian and CIA backed TTP commanders used to marry 2-3 girls on daily bases.2500 of the best of us gave their blood for the mistakes committed by few and wiped Swat clean of the Takfiriz. God Forbid situation like Iraq happens. Insha Allah that would not happen. No way Insha Allah..Pakistan is under Allah's protections, lets be worth it!

Cause Americans have launched direct attacks under false pretexts upto Abottabad,and Abottabad is not Far. US is a real and present threat for us and there is NO doubt about that. Insha Allah we would bury them in Afghanistan! As Late Gen.Zia once said,if you can't do anything else for Mujahidin at least raise your hands for Dua..!