Little Boxes of thoughts seperated and put in prospective

Little Boxes of thoughts seperated
and put in prospective

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Of Things to come..The Waheeda Shah slap and the 1977 Rigged Polls. Things to come...

AS My friend Detective Monk would say,here is what happened:

I don't know whether to call it Flash back 1977 or name the article after H.G Wells movie(yes he wrote and supervised a movie in 1939) 'Of things to come" I chose the later.

Some of the first hand accounts I would like to quote(all can be verified by looking into the findings of dual bench headed by Justice Durrab Patel).

Elections were announced in 1977, Bhutto remained Prime Minister, all his ministers remained ministers with Hooter installed Mercedez Benz. Federal Minister Hafeez Ullah Cheema had a Railway Saloon Car parked on the Railway station to facilitate him(Yes Sir a whole Saloon Car).

 Sargodha. Electionday 1977. A few of the PPP goons tried to enter the polling booth, the angry villagers thrashed them and told them to bugger off.

Same thing happened in Another village when PPP goons were thrashed and ask to bugger off. A Provincial Minister approached the polling booth with his ARMED Gunmen (one of them now MPA)  on his car with "Flying Flag.To cut a long story short his motives were questioned,and his armed guards who entered the polling booth were thrashed badly. VERY badly.

  Minister Waheed Ullah Cheema all geared up for rigging was informed through wireless who decided to teach the citizens a lesson. 

Election or War

Minister Hafeez Ullah Cheema entered the polling booth and slapped the Head Master(Just because he could) who was the presiding officer twice and moved on to the Lambardar who slapped him back and his supporters started to thrash Minister Hafeez Ullah Cheema. His official guards panicked and fired shots in the air and the Patriots decided to retreat to the fields outside(booth captured, Jiyee Bhutto).

Then he went to another village with FSF leading the way sub machine guns mounted on the veichles Sirens yelling and capured the polling booth. Repeated a practice which would later cost him dearly.. Stamped the already casted votes twice to make them invalid and filled the box with all the votes he could.

A Practice PPP was unable to repeat on the provincial elections a day later due to public response and threat of violence(Army was called for atleast ONE village, I must add here the Army didn't participate in the rigging, came, observed. Concluded there is no threat from the patriots and left.


Day in Court 

Then the tide started to turn and in the judicial Commission Justice Durrab Patel instead of hiding behind by laws asked the headmaster! DID THIS MAN SLAP YOU! Headmaster who was the presiding officer in a village  refused to answer and got so scared he even leaked in his pants!
Justice Patel looked at Federal Minister Hafeez Ullah Cheema and said Look! How people are afraid of ur Muzalim! And told headmaster to wait before he blasted Waheen Ullah on Rigging charges

He ordered the polling boxes opened in front of everyone,the oversmart chaps from the FSF had filled the polling box alright,but in hurry they forgot to fold the paper as they had simply opened to box. Justice Patel Called Minister Hafeez Ullah Cheema with the movement of his finger and told him to pick a vote. Then he ordered the box be closed. Then he asked Mr.Cheema to put the vote inside the ballet box without folding it! Cheema got panicky and reporters put the picture where he was trying to put the vote inside the box in next day's headlines(it was a commission reporters were allowed).

He then looked at the headmaster sb and said Don't be Afraid of this man!! He is Finished!

Then there was the case of  another village where FSF had stamped the vote twice to make it invalid. I don't know the exact figure but it was something like 1700 votes from the total registered were casted,100% turnout (on paper) and 1300 votes were stamped twice. Justice Patel asked Hafeez Ullah, "Yeh Jahiloon ka pura gaoon hey kia" he was told by the lawyer that a school was established there in the 1920s and so&so doctors engineers professors etc are from this village. 
Finger print experts were called who confirmed the existence of massive rigging.

The judge got so amused he asked the lawyer of the PPP minister to request no further boxes are opened as his client is already in deep trouble and court has enough material without going any further.

Then there was the Curious case of Yahya Bakhtiar(Father of Zeba Bakhtiaar the Actress). Indeed he was a great man,Marvels should be erected in his honor. He decided to bypass the polling process altogether ordered polling boxes at his place, filled them and announced the results!! Yeeey! Celebrations!

FSF went from booth to booth casting votes harrassing people thrashing them where ever they want!

General Kayani raha to all of us should be prepared.Jamhooriya and Jamhooriyand pasand lol

Here is what shackles of Chains make you do:

Slapped APO defends Waheeda Shah at press conference

Aj na Bhutto Raha na uskay maanna waley sathi, both Iftikhar Kahloon and Hafeez Ullah Cheema are dead! So is Bhutto. Rehna to Siraf Naam Allah kee hee hey

But there is sure lesson to be learn!

Friday, 3 February 2012

My infatuation with Darya e Jehlum

One of my sweetest early childhood memories is bathing on Rajva(Sub Canal) on Eid day with Cousins and going wild. Must have been mid part of the 1980s I assume.
The sweet scent of water containing the silt from the valleys of Kashmir, and the Love,the carefree attitude and I still remember being Thankful to Allah and being a Patriot.

With time I have learn to love the scent, most people can not tell the difference between different kinds of water. It is unfortunate. The water of Ravi has a different taste, doesn’t mean I have literally dipped in Ravi to figure that out(we'll come to that in a moment). Chenab ..A different one ..(My Infatuation with the dying Chenab is another issue). The Romance which comes with the history.. Jehlum is a whole different world.. So is Indus when you go further West, the color of Indus is also different. So if of all the rivers..

The places the rivers pass through they recharge the underwater reservoirs and each delta has the scent taste and after taste of the river recharging it. Not a Geologist.. Just an Earth Lover here..

Coming back to Jehlum. Despite the slight ocd, I have the fascination of trying different waters. I am no Water Concierge But I have this fascination. I remember a decade back I went to Katas with a school trip and I can still remember the taste of water I tasted from the Truckoon wala hotel.

Naraan..One of my other best childhood Memories. Believe it or not I actually remember the trip(parts) even before I was 5. Must be the late part of 80s. Darya e Kunhar with its "white waters" and the soothing sound. Darya e Neelum.The distinct Taste and everything. Kunhar and Neelum meet near Muzafrabad and are called Jehlum from there..

Now more then two decades and a hell lot later, I don't drink mineral water. Nestle plant is near Sheikhupura I guess n hence the taste of Ravi Delta(not bad) but they pick and choose and its just not my type.. What do I drink? A Nalka(Handpump) right ON the Canal bank.. Fill the water bucket and put it on water dispenser. Oh! And did I not mention the canal is Lower Jehlum Canal.
 India has been Dumping bodies of Martyers hundreds of Miles upstream in the same River, the Love for Religion freedom and Kashmir floats through.. I can smell the struggle of Muslim when I sip water sometimes and think about the martyers.

The blood of martyrs in spirit has seeped through to the lands crops produced and hence everywhere, Love embedded by the essence of Sacrifice and Love of Prophet(saw) and true struggle(against Enemy Combatants) in the name of Allah "Jihad Fi Sabil Allah".

Zulm phir zulm hai, barhta hai to mit jaataa hai
khoon phir khoon hai, tapkega to jam jaayega

Khaak-e-sehra pe jame yaa kaf-e-qaatil pe jame
farq-e-insaaf pe yaa paa-e-salaasal pe jame
tegh-e-bedaad pe yaa laasha-e-bismil pe jame
khoon phir khoon hai tapkega to jam jaayega

Laakh baithe koi chhup chhup ke kameen gaahon mein
khoon khud deta hai jalaadon ke maskan ka suraagh
saazishein laakh uraati rahein zulmat ka naqaab
le ke har boond nikalti hai hatheli pe chiraagh

Zulm kii qismat-e-nakaarah-o-rusvaa se kaho
jab’r kii hikmat-e-purkaar ke eema se kaho
mehmal-e-majlis-e-aqwaam kii laila se kaho
khoon diiwana hai, daaman pe lapak sakta hai
shola-e-tund hai, khirman pe lapak sakta hai

Tum ne jis khoon ko maqtal mein dabaanaa chaaha
aaj vo kuchaa-o-bazaar mein aa nikla hai
kahiin shola kahiin naarah kahiin patthar ban ke
khoon chalta hai to rukta nahiin sangeeno se
sar jo uthtaa hai to dabtaa nahiin aaeeno se

Zulm ki baat hi kya, zulm ki auqaat hi kya
zulm bas zulm hai, aaghaaz se anjaam talak
khoon phir khoon hai, so shakl badal sakta hai
aisi shaklein ke mitaaoo to mitaaye na bane
aise shole k bujhaao to bujhaaye na bane
aise naare k dabaao to dabaaye na bane..
BY: Sahir Ludhiyanvi

The Kashmiri Resitence,decades of Jihad.. The the CIA "psy ops" Fourth Generation warfare or Enlightened moderation could not take the love out of us..

Go to the labror who rarely leaves his village and ask him about Kashmir he would assure you Insha Allah we would kick the Hindu Bania out..
Here is how Iqbal put it:

Allama Iqbal Poetry کلام علامہ محمد اقبال: (Zarb-e-Kaleem-166) Ablees Ka Farman Apne Siasi Fa...: