Little Boxes of thoughts seperated and put in prospective

Little Boxes of thoughts seperated
and put in prospective

Sunday, 17 March 2013

US..The Achilees heel

Every Achilles has a heal.. Turns out US's is economy. Ten years today since we saw the bombing of Baghdad. I was unable to touch Coca Cola Pepsi or Mcdonalds for nearly a year.. How world has changed with US on its knees and about to reinforce defeat through a desperate act(God knows what) or go to a Chaotic retreat with People with vengeance chasing them..No one in invincible but Allah...
I remember the day when Baghdad was decimated,when hundreds of Cruise Missiles rained on Baghdad in half hour alone..The Live Brutality..The Ack Ack.. Empty streets..

  If I was to compare US's situation,it may be similar to that of Germany's Just after the Soviet Surrender/Armistice/Pullout at first world war. Defeated strategically..Despite the extra forces from the Eastern Front...
 And Today we stand on the Brink of a whole new world..A Shift of power.. Pakistan stands despite an alliance of 45 countries having been tried and failed to disintegrate Pakistan. We have been attacked on all axis.. As a Pakistani Islamic Scholar said in the 1950s "Hum Har mahaaz par larain gey".
There was a time when we feared we are in serious danger of facing an Iraq like situation and would have to take up Arms to defend ourselves likes Iraqis had to after Saddam.
Hate Army..Love Army..Paramilitary..Police.. They have been holding tight..