Little Boxes of thoughts seperated and put in prospective

Little Boxes of thoughts seperated
and put in prospective

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Imran Khan the Debunked Myth---A loud cry from a patriot

Mir kya sada hain, bimar huway jis kay sabab'
           Usi attar kay londay sey dawa latay hain

 Enough with the comparison with Qaid e Azam!! Enough with distorting the history so PTI can have one slogan..!  Enough with the Angel Imran with whom nothing is wrong.
And Enough with start cursing Nawaz Sharif whenever someone tries to cross examine Imran Khan.

Now it may once looked like a dream. A Man of Vision.. Corruption Busters Revolutionary. Not anymore though.
These days Imran Khan is often the topic of discussions everywhere – be it in office, public places, private gathering or other places.The enlightened of all moderates, and the ignorant of all moderates alike praise him without going into a little depth.
Now we must understand, he has a media team,a paid media team somewhere who keep brewing up rumors.

As Dr.A Q Khan said (contrary to PTI propoganda that Dr sab is joining PTI)Imran Khan has no team, no vision and no mission and hence I pin no hope on him”.

This is Fake and planted and PTI should be ashamed of themselves:

Dr Abdul Qadir Khan Join PTI Imran Khan

The FACT is


Dr. Qadeer Khan announces new political party


 Now here is the PTI suppose similarities between Qaid e Azam(Who they adress by his last name Jinnah)

And here is a Fact correction for the shameless PTI team by this girl Hafsa Khwaja:

Hauling Jinnah and His Life From Distortion: A Factual Rebuttal To PTI’s Story


 Unfortunately(or fortunately) I am unable to find the picture where the "PTI Geniuses" slashed Qaid e azam's age by a decade to compare him to Imran Khan. The 27th of Ramadan and independence day propaganda. If I do I would edit this article and include it.

So..Another Question..Where was Imran Khan when Americans attacked Abottabad

 Hiding under his bed? On phone with Haqqani to request his house be spared? Asking Jemima to send her plane to pick him him? Missing as usual, a lame press release after two days or something. Is that Leadership?

Imran Khan on Taliban

Lets get a few facts straight on Taliban

Here is what Mr.Khan thinks
Thats what he says in India
There was what a sad old drunk said on his show about this
Hidden agenda you are afraid to expose right now Mr.Khan? To me Imran Khan is another smoke screen by CIA. All the CIA assets Hamid Mir Nusrat Javed Shahzaid Khanzada Hassan Nisar Khurshid Kasuri(The Zionist) Assma Jehangir and a long long list are supporting him..!!!