Little Boxes of thoughts seperated and put in prospective

Little Boxes of thoughts seperated
and put in prospective

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Possibility of a Coup in India

They say its impossible right? I don't agree. It was only some two years back that Indian Government went into panic over a false alarm.

Before we talk about the possibility of a coup d'état. Lets talk about a "Self-Coup". As per the ever (not so much) reliable wikipedia

A self-coup (or autocoup) is a form of putsch or coup d'état in which a nation's leader, despite having come to power through legal means, dissolves or renders powerless the national legislature and unlawfully assumes extraordinary powers, not granted under normal circumstances. Other measures taken may include annulling the nation's constitution and suspending civil courts. In most cases the head of government becomes a dictator.

What do you need to become a Hitler? Or a Mussolini? You need a strong right wing(check), an uninterested military(check), corrupt leaders who only care about themselves(check), ultra nationalists(check), an ideology written from scratch(almost), or highly distorted one(check), racism(check), propaganda machinery(check), world domination complex(check), a leader with complex unresolved issues and a potential psychopathic personality traits who is in power(check), enemy or perception of one(check), discredited previous government(check), a population deprived of their due rights(check), superpower level ability to sell dreams(check).

 Then there is Indian argument that India is too big for a coup to be staged. Is it? do we all not know what happened after Stalin and before Brezhnev in Soviet Union? What exactly would state Governments do in scenario of a coup? Rebel? Declare Independence? Refuse to recognise Central Government? They don't actually have a military or paramilitary force(states in India).

It is a reality that a coupe (soft coup at best) may be underway in world's most unstable nuclear power where some attest 40% of population lives without access to electricity and at least 50% of population is without toilets.

Recently their minister claimed their GDP Growth was 10.5% when another Hindu extremist, Bajpaee was in power. When the fact is, it was 6.5% when he assumed power(1998), at max it was 8.5% and at its lowest it was 3.8% during his rule.

Their Defense Minister has recently applauded the use of terror as a state policy. The Coup is already underway. Its time to stop the rise of another Hitler..This time in India

Friday, 22 May 2015

How to get rid of MQM

Terrorist Groups have existed almost since the Dawn of time, they have existed, spread misery and have vanished. There are no traces of feared groups like Hashisheen, the spiritual fathers of TTP Daish, Iranian intelligence and many others.

What to do with MQM is a question that has haunted many. The answer to the MQM question is not exactly very complicated. Part of their blood money goes to their (failed) psy ops in Pakistan media. A lot of that is in turn goes to projecting their presence as something that is synonymous with Karachi. However it can not be farther from the truth. Their capabilities in urban warfare and their political support is highly exaggerated.

A terrorist group like MQM is very easy to eliminate once will is there. Sure, they have established local funding sources like extortion, kidnapping for ransom, bank robberies, even petty theft and mugging. However the kind of organisation they are running, the artificial nature of it, the superficial mask which sucks up so much of their resources is not easy to finance. Ban them, cut their foreign funding, ISI can do it in a split second. MQM would be left with too many criminals to feed, a hostile government and dwindling funds. These target killers,muggers and thugs have no loyalties.

Their loyalty is with MQM because of Funding, protection from police ..Political support and the sense of protection the Umbrella of MQM provides. Take that away and in a likely scenario they would turn on their own masters. Ban them on media. Go to EU and talk to them how England is harboring a terrorist group and their leaders Altaf.

It can happen, Jamaat e Islami was banned in  JI, Ikhwan were banned in Egypt. They had little if any links to militants at all. MQM is a right wing extremist terrorist terrorist organization with Indian backing that portrays itself as a political part that supposedly represents a city. In Pakistan we have precedence. NAP(National Awami Party) was outlawed after it was established that Wali Khan and co are involved in terrorist activities. And crimes of MQM once made public might put Daesh to shame. They once burned some 300 people alive just to make a point(extortion related) in the Baldia Town factory fire alone. Its time to ACT.

And ..Action would be taken.

Zulm phir zulm hai, baRhta hai tau miT jaataa hai
Khoon phir Khoon hai, TapkaY gaa tau ja'm jaayega

Khaak-e-sehra pe jamey yaa kaf-e-qaatil pe jamey
Farq-e-insaaf pe yaa paa-e-salaasal pe jamey

TeGh-e-bedaad pe yaa laasha-e-bismil pe jamey
Khoon phir Khoon hai yapkay gaa to ja'm jaayega

Laakh baithay koi chhup chhup ke kameen gaahon main
Khoon Khud deta hai jallaadon ke maskan ka suraagh

Saazishai laah uraati rahaiN zulmat ka naqaab
lay ke har boond nikalti hai hatheli pe charaaGh

Zulm kee qismat-e-nakaarah-o-rusvaa se kaho
Jab’r kee hikmat-e-purkaar ke eemaa se kaho

Mehmal-e-majlis-e-aqwaam kee laila se kaho
Khoon deewana hai, daaman pe lapak sakta hai

Sho'la-e-tund hai, Khirman pe lapak sakta hai
tum ne jiss Khoon ko maqtal maiN dabaanaa chaaha

Aaj vo koochaa-o-bazaar maiN aa nikla hai
kaheen sho'la kaheeN naa'rah kaheeN patthar ba'n ke

Khoon chalta hai to rukta naheen sangeenon se
Sar jo uThtaa hai to dabtaa naheeN aaeenoN se

Zulm ki baat hee kiya, zulm ki auqaat hee kiya
Zulm bas zulm hai, aaGhaaz se anjaam talak

Khoon phir Khoon hai, so shak'l badal sakta hai
Aisi shaklaiN ke miTaaoo tau miTaaye na banaY

aisaY sho'laY kaY bujhaao tau bujhaaye na banay
aisaY naa'raY kaY dabaao tau dabaaye na banay

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Rohingya:Insaan pay tang Khudai hey..What can be done?

Pakistan is a sacred trust, the way ASEAN countries have treated poor Rohingya Muslims is a Grimm reminder of the principles Pakistan if founded upon. Those who oppose Pakistan would suffer in this life and the after. What is happening in Burma? Indian backed Buddhist Gov is persecuting this community of Muslims. Stripped of nationality, persecuted attacked and abandoned, some of them tried to enter Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Thailand. Bangladesh refused upfront. Thailand has rather politely declined but Indonesia and Malaysia have refused to allow refugees to enter their countries outright. They would even send them back if they somehow enter their countries.

In 1979 when Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, Pakistan opened its doors to millions of Refugees..A fact a lot of people now due to whatever God forsaken reason criticise. Some even claim Pakistan only allowed them because Pakistan had a hidden agenda of Colonising Afghanistan and getting international aid while they prepare Mujaheddin for world domination.

According to a newspaper "establishment post":

With the lives of thousands in jeopardy it is not chastisement but deafening silence that characterises Asean’s ‘response’. Asean as an organisation has said nothing at all, and Asean members seem to be complicit in the misery of the Rohingya rather than attempting to find a solution.

It is logistically very difficult for Pakistan to help Burma, however it is not impossible. Things can happen. Events can be set in motion. And I feel it would eventually be Pakistan who would settle the issue one way or another. However logistically its a seemingly impossible task. However Burmese Government hasn't even dream of what might come for them, well eventually. 

Lets keep the Grey area aside. Some two Million tourists visited Burma in 2013. What for? God alone knows. Probably because its cheap when Euro or Dollar is converted into Burmese currency. Contact between locals and tourists is discouraged by the Government. I wonder why do tourists go to Burma. Good lobbying the tourism would vanish. That's really not something difficult. Its all about perception, if reality about Burma is properly explained to people tourism in Burma would come to an abrupt halt. Most of the money from tourism never make it to people, private sector and to those who are in power.

Top five Nationalities to visit Burma are:

United States
South Korea

All the respective Governments can be motivated. Thailand and Malaysia would be the first one to discourage their citizens. China Japan US SK SGP and EU countries can be convinced.

Shaikhs of Middle East with fat wallets can provide enough motivation to relevant parties. If not .. Well there are always grey areas..(psy ops etc)

Its about time someone helps them...!!!!!