Little Boxes of thoughts seperated and put in prospective

Little Boxes of thoughts seperated
and put in prospective

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Open Letter to General Kayani

My dear General,
I have been observing you for years and it is with great reluctance I write to you. I had no hopes with u when Musharraf handed u his stick (because of the CJ Propoganda/Mirage) but you have certainly made me proud at times. Unfortunately it is with great burden that I confess you have by no means been up to the mark. Your policy,one way or another is a lot like that of Chamberlain"s policy of appeasement during the thirties and the early part of 40s. We all know who else paid the price along with England for the so called defeatism.
My dear General "getting rid"if enemy propagandists like Hamid Mir and Najam Sethi was child"s play for u but u decided otherwise.
It is to my understanding that you maybe a good general during the peacetime but I am afraid even a little defeatism is not a proper way to lead this urbanized and what may lead to total war.
While the unofficial army spokespersons are being bombarded with questions like how can we fight US you decide to stay quiet. Tell them lightly we shell Never Surrender!
If you are so fond of a desk job u should have preferred joint chief appointment.
While I have no hesitation in Admitting that a lot of steps take n by u did reverser some of the Misharaf's policies(perhaps many) ,restricting at least overt Blackwater and JSOC operations in Pakistan your methods my dear general have been from the position of weakness and not strength. We both know the CIA link of Aitzaz and CJ what stops u from leaking a file?
I would like to remind u how General Musa Khan removed a general for suggesting to retreat from Sialkot for his defeatist mentality. Low level Raw assets of ANP openly mock qaid e azam in senate, pass resolutions against a decision of high chourt(KBD)u must be doing something wrong my dear.
You may have good qualities in yourself but war is not the time to brag about petty achievements.
Choose someone like General Asif Nawaz and go home before A stauffenberg style coup is attempted in desperation by people seeing u laughing as the Rome burns.

In the End my support is with you whatever the case maybe,so are my well wishes are prayers. My loyalties are not to your person and the office you hold and the sacred responsibilities bestowed(or thirst,you choose) upon you. I hope Allah guides you well and you would chose wisely to go down in history like Air Marshal Noor Khan or Asghar Khan.
One day not far from now you WOULD answer to Allah, My Prayers are you look forward to it with pleasure then to avoid that thought.

Dua Goo