Little Boxes of thoughts seperated and put in prospective

Little Boxes of thoughts seperated
and put in prospective

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Noose tightened as Pakistan army deploys regular troops at Chitral and Lower Dir

Pakistan has mobilized regular toops to reinforce defence along the border with Afghanistan where TTP have repeatedly exploited the loose borders..! 35 children were recently kidnapped from Pakistan and taken to Pakistan in a cowardly act by CIA backed TTP.

At a time when Battle of Kabul is underway it can be a great time to launch a rescue operation. SSG is very well capable of it, it is also a great time to hit TTP camps protected and maintained by CIA in Afghanistan (by air). Or Via commando raid. Missilery can be used. A Swift decisive action would break the backbone of insurgency in Pakistan and give a moral boost to Taliban (the real ones). Codination with Taliban is of importance and time is of the essence.

However this is more of a hypothetical scenario and this move is probably to stop a CIA counteroffensive then anything else. If only ISI was reckless like me;).

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