Little Boxes of thoughts seperated and put in prospective

Little Boxes of thoughts seperated
and put in prospective

Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Next Gen Ahmediyya Muslim Community Untold Truths and Hidden Lies

I have never considered myself an opponent of This Cult. Non Muslims have a right to live peacefully in Pakistan and enjoy equal rights. However we must understand what is this Ahmediyaa Community and whats it all about,where it comes from..

I personally would have left that issue alone had it not been for Aggressive attacks by the followers of Mirza like Wajahat S Khan and Assma Jehangir. I would Insha Allah not deviate from Haq in this article. This rather "Gated Community" has kept secrets like a well knit Cult would and secrecy that can be compared to no other then the Free Masons. Which has been key to its survival. If the truth was to come to light on their inner workings Allah alone knows what would happen.

It is very interesting to observe how the "Enlightened Moderate" community they fail to mention how many Silent Rapes have been commited on the Orders of Mirza and his sucessors. PHDs have been wed to illiterates on Mirza's "Parchi". Thousands of Girls have suffered silently on the hands of their husbands because Mirza wanted to strengthen his cult. Mirzai Cult or the so called Qadiani Community is a state within a state. Certainly they don't enjoy power or control they used to during the 50s and 60s. God Bless Shah Faisal for his services on exposing this community.

It seems hard to believe but it was actually like that, say there is a DIG who is a Mirzai. GodForbid any Mirzai would have recruitment problem in Police. God Forbid any "Parchi" from Mirza would not bring tears to his eyes and make him kneel kiss the parchi and carryout the instruction. It was actually like that. They had their own de facto Police Force(in uniform) in Rabwa or Chenab Nagar for crying out loud.

To be Continued

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