Little Boxes of thoughts seperated and put in prospective

Little Boxes of thoughts seperated
and put in prospective

Thursday, 1 September 2011

The comedy without limits, the schoolboy bullied become bullies without limits

What would a monkey do if he had a match? He would set the world on fire...

Thats what more or less most of our Media tycoons(goons if you ask me) tried to do when they got the power of media in very shady circumstances to say the least. People who no one listened to in their house, let alone their gali muhalla started mistaking themselves for Saviors.

As Zaid Hamid puts it, good intentions do not necessarily guarantee success.m Example is that of a man trying to fly a plane without training or experience with "very good intentions" is bound to crash himself and passengers along with him. Taking down any poor soul on the ground that he might hit despite his or her good intentions.

Remember the guy who whinned about Police shoving and pushing and said there can be no revolution until police joins us and stops beating us(police maray gee to Inquilab kaisay laye gey).

My respects To Mr.Toru. Its simply not his fault. Our boys lack resources and fundamental training. National Cadet core can cater for a lot and Zaid Hamid is doing a great service for starters.

Anyway,thats another story for another time. I don't want to divert from the topic. Lets talk about Comedians, "Enligtened moderate comedians" who have crossed all bounderies on the name of Freedom. Four man show and Khabarnaak and another show at Geo (don't recal the name) are a classic example.

I don't know why no one has sued them yet, probably our stupid and already clogged judiciary. I don't even where to start on them. All their obnoxious stuff is available on you tube and anyone can see it and make up their mind. If one can see it through without but irritated(I can't). And to top it all the classic excuse don't watch it if you don't like it. Making fun of our heroes and getting away with this bogus excuse. Bravo!

If people like them were in a Village, I don't think anyone would let me enter their "baithak" "daraa" "Dairaa" or sitting. They would probably be called "Nash" (Manhoos,pessimist) and Every elder and elderly of the village would be giving them earful day and night until they mend their ways..

There are people who are trying to work, there are people who are trying to make a living. There are people who make a honest day's labor. There is a world outside their world they have a detachment with. And it would eventually cost them dearly. Problem is it is and would cost us too. These idiots are doomed anyway, and soon. I pray to Allah we are rid of these "geniuses".

Take this boy for instance(Man if you allow me) named Ali Moeen Nawazish. Now you need to pass three Subject according to HEC to get an FSC equivalence (used to be). This genius instead of passing A levels and moving on decided to stay and apparently make a "world" record in Getting "A"s in A levels(high school). Subjects like "Human Biology" "GP" "Marine Sciences". GP is not even accepted by HEC for crying out loud. I don't having a problem with him doing whatever with his life, I don't mind even if he pulls an Aeroplane with his teeth to get his name into Genieees book of world record.
But since his higness himself and media and he happily accepts to be the futuristic present futurized version of himself which is the Messiah and a role model for the "Lost" sheep of Pakistan I do have a  Problem. I Love Pakistan. Pakistan is an Ishq a Junoon. 

To be clear here I am not making fun of the act of the student to score so&so As and honored for it. I am talking about the attitude which lead him forming an NGO(or Moblink doing so for him) after passing High School, appearing in TV commercial as some kind of Hero instead of training himself better. In the process setting a very wrong example and making fun of the whole lot of things.

Don't even get me started on NGOs(again another topic for another time). Instead of concentrating on his career he started appearing on every talk show he could bombarding his inferior countrymen with as much free advices as he could. Almost none of which made sense. Why would they? He is Kid! He would probably not know the first thing about running a country and Geniuses on TV were nodding on his advices like idiots. Once or twice fine, but even a few days back he was on PTV sitting with his leg on one another. Like he is some lost I donot know what to do ideologically(someone do him a favor and tell him what it is) college boy(as he is), all he lacked was a cigarette commenting on most serious issues. That's what we say bandar kay hath mein machis. All this took a toll and poor kid barely passed College despite changing his subjects to politics psychology and sociology!

On the other hand there is this boy who scored 28 As in O levels. Now thats a reasonable boy. He was not trying to pull any monkey tricks neither pretending to be someone he is not. Not learning to become a better slave either. He scored 11 As then changed his Subjects in A levels. Then started studying O levels to build a solid base and appeared int he exams alongwith his A levels. Then he said,what the hell, I am almost there, lets make a record.

You listen to him, you find a reasonable boy who wants to work hard and become someone in life. Someone asked him do you want to be finance minister of Pakistan, he said you don't become Finance Minister overnight! I would be glad to work in the finance department...
Our Nawazish Boy on the other hand wanted people to put a crown on his head and take him to Presidency and benefit from his Genius advices. And experience(of Passing A levels).


I have been hard on Ali Moeen Nawazish, if he or any of his family/friends/fans reading this. My apologies, I wish him all the best. I don't know him personally, I am against the whole attitude of not training people and putting limelight on them.

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