Little Boxes of thoughts seperated and put in prospective

Little Boxes of thoughts seperated
and put in prospective

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Why I talk,talk&sometimes keep talking

Lots of people ask me,why you waste your time saying all that stuff which people might or might not get. Its a long story. Lets just say I did't come to what I believe in a day. In 1998 I remember there was this usenet type of Yahoo clubs, and I used to get less understanding then I do today. Probably due to my shallow understanding of stuff. Today actually a lot of people get what I say.
I remember there was talk about the "dream" of every Muslim to have an Organization that would topple all pro western Gov. That is years before anyone heard of Al Qaeda. Whose origins and existence I have concerns about btw.

Taliban were in power,people were having difficulty accepting them.
 In a nutshell, people from Lebanon, I Remember they were the first one to face a direct invasion. At the time reshaping of middle east existed in theory and to be honest it seemed like a distant future. You know when ur 15 things look a little distant in the future.
Soon Iraqis were running around, racing for arms to protect their families. Bombed for no reason.  a decade later(almost) then things have really accelerated. In last few months Alone us has basically divided more then half a dozen countries(Somalia,Sudan,Libya,Egypt,Iraq,Afghanistan,Kazakhstan and lots more in the pipe line). It is happening,one way or another. Libyans did't ask for what was coming, neither did Iraqis or Sudanee or Somaliz or Egyptions. Their only weakness, weakness. Ignorance, they lost to CIA before they faced the actual invasion.

Takdeer ke qazi ka yeh fatwa hai azal se  
hai jurm-e-zaifi ki sazaa marg-e-mafajaat.

Syrians,they have regular troops,who knows. They might stand, I think they would. They should according to my calculations against odds. Pakistan is probably the last stronghold of Muslim(militarily) from where we are free to practice our religion and expand. And it is destiny for us to lead the United States of Islam. Lets hope for the best.
This is not empty talk,there is a time for everything,this is the time for understand the spiritual dynamic of Pakistan and  de hypnotize one's self from the effects of psy ops. Jumping like fools in the streets would achieve what exactly? Without aim without focus without knowing what one is doing? Without training without leadership? Heck,without reforming yourself. There is a Time for everything, there is even a Time for call to arms.But,it seems to me if civilians are forced to pick up weapons. It means army has been wiped out(like In Iraq). Then one can basically stay in the line of fire and pray(and keep firing). But Insha Allah that time would not come.

We would bury Sharif Zardari or anyone(be it TTP or PTI) who is compromised.

These Sharifs.. Zardaris IK, they are really small issues, they have to be dealt with but they are hardly the obstacle in establishing Khilafat Minhajul Nabbuwat right now. They are little Dajjals. They can be taken care of Pakistan army in 15 minutes. We have to understand whats at stake here. OR we would end up like Muslims of Iraq or Libya(God Forbid), time for toba would be over and we would have to pay for our mistakes by our blood,sweat and tears. And what happens to Women (God Forbid) one can only imagine In Swat Indian and CIA backed TTP commanders used to marry 2-3 girls on daily bases.2500 of the best of us gave their blood for the mistakes committed by few and wiped Swat clean of the Takfiriz. God Forbid situation like Iraq happens. Insha Allah that would not happen. No way Insha Allah..Pakistan is under Allah's protections, lets be worth it!

Cause Americans have launched direct attacks under false pretexts upto Abottabad,and Abottabad is not Far. US is a real and present threat for us and there is NO doubt about that. Insha Allah we would bury them in Afghanistan! As Late Gen.Zia once said,if you can't do anything else for Mujahidin at least raise your hands for Dua..!

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