Little Boxes of thoughts seperated and put in prospective

Little Boxes of thoughts seperated
and put in prospective

Sunday, 29 March 2015

The War in Yemen

O Lord send some peace in the region.

Who needed another war? Who planned it? And what for? Answer is clear and ..Well Iran should have thought before jumping into another war. Have they not caused enough destruction in Afghanistan and Iraq through their rag tag Shia militias and whatever tool they saw fit to use.

It amazes me how they can wear the white hat of righteous Islamic state while use "everything is fair in love and war" theory. Its time someone puts Iranians and Saudis in a room and sort out the issues. Syria.. Iraq.. Afghanistan.. Let them be independent nation states free of Iranian or Saudi influence. And quite frankly what Iran did in Iraq was their own fault, no one asked them or compelled them to do it. In Syria one might or might not blame Saudis or Americans but in Iraq Iran was complicit in removing Saddam, disbanding their military and loot and plunder by pro Iranian Government and Militias that followed.

They just needed their piece of pie, if that led to rise of ISIS apparently that's not a problem. Same thing in Afghanistan, when Soviets withdrawal and eventually the regime they installed collapsed Iran quickly jumped in to support Masood's faction starting a civil war in 1992 which continues to date. Iran happily collaborated with US in Afghanistan for sectarian reason and expansionist policies while happily calling it "the great devil".

This hypocrisy must end now. And I say that as a well wisher or Iran and Saudi Arabia. What Iran has done over the years would come to haunt them. Saudis have supported Wahabi brand of Islam. However they did not use minority sects as a collateral for their own benefits. Allegations of Racism on Iranian regime have already started.

Here are the possible outcomes

1.Iran backs out Houthis sign a peace deal Gov in Yemen is restored(doesn't seem likely).
2.Saudi Arabia and Iran make peace and a peace is negotiated on Syria and Yemen(not likely either)
3.Arabs and Iranians fight till one of them is left
4.A regime change in Iran.(possible in a few years) And by Regime I mean the whole structure that supports the revolution.
5.Arabs create a forces consisting of many countries, they need it for situations like Libya anyway. They either reinstall Government in Yemen either swiftly or in a bloody battle. Iran sits at home considering their houthi allies collateral and material for future propaganda.

Things are a mess. Serious leadership is needed. US is sitting back and is glad to watch anything that happens see and make a policy after the dust settles. So is the UN. The fact is Iran can not support the rag tag militias in Yemen and some forces loyal to them which are light infantry at best. And badly paid and self trained thugs at worst. Why Iran did what it did is another topic and my next blog post would probably be about it. It was a gross miscalculation on their part in any case.

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