Little Boxes of thoughts seperated and put in prospective

Little Boxes of thoughts seperated
and put in prospective

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Exposé:Media Gate

Well, I am hardly surprised but those of us who are left stunned,here is what aired:

Well our Self Righteous media ..Self Proclaimed representatives of Public opinion..All Zaid Hamid has been repeatedly saying:

Let it be very clear,it is not about Mubashir Luqman or Meher Bukhari. It is about Media and certain segments of society in general(SAFMA NGOs etc.). Why is that when Zahid Bukhari becomes a lawyer for the traitor Hussien Haqqani who immediately after a Foreign incursion appreciated it and requested forign intervention so he can be imposed as the 21st century version of Viceroy(Head of the National Security team under CIA) Lawyers had no issue.

But when this person(whoever he maybe),Malik Riaz hire him lawyers suspend him and ban him(I wonder what law allows them to do so).

We have a lot of thinking to do. ISI should change their policy and go after all the foreign assets trying to destabilize Pakistan. For example Najam Sethi Nusrat Javed,Mushtaq Minhas, Hamid Mir, Saleem Safi (at the top of my head).

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