Little Boxes of thoughts seperated and put in prospective

Little Boxes of thoughts seperated
and put in prospective

Friday, 16 March 2012

An attack which never took place: Aborted Israeli Aerial attack on Pakistan

Recently a person of stature no less then the former Foreign Secretary Shamshad Ahmed and former Foreign Minister of Pakistan Gohar Ayub has confirmed the alert they received from the occupied Palestinians that an attack on Pakistani Nuclear Facilities is about to take place on the 27th of May 1998. Gohar Ayub claims that threat was then denied by Israelis through US and a message was sent to Pakistan to deescalate the situation. Israelis "claimed"Palestinians are spreading rumors against them, a defensive posture they seldom adopt.

The word was, a nuclear alert was declared that night. Power was cut for a few minutes(to the whole country) and ALL the air crafts in the PAF were inventory were put in Air and given a "Do or die"mission. The Military started operating in War Time conditions. The newspapers reported a repeat of the 1980s where Israelis decided to go ahead with the attack without the American help. As soon as the Israeli planes left their bases Palestinians reported that to Pakistan who was to become the first declared Nuclear Power tomorrow.

The Pakistani pilots flying Saudi AWACS reported the air movement to Pakistan and to Saudi government. Saudi Government then officially informed Pakistan about the Israeli planes moving towards Pakistan.
To add to the divine help ISI was able to spot F-16s in Indian occupied Kashmir and able to provide Visual Confirmation.PAF expressed the possibility of Israeli planes launching cruise Missiles from a distance and recommended a pre emptive strike.

The Military then was put on Nuclear Alert and the power was cut (to the whole country) for a few minutes. Pakistani Air Defense units waited for an imminent attack. What happened in those few minutes is anyone's guess. The newspapers reported Indian Ambassador was summoned who refused to come and subsequently was dragged from his house(see The Nation on 28th May 1998). Pakistani Foreign Minister then told him to convey to his government that an attack would Pakistan would lead to immediate counter attacks and (in essence)we would ground Delhi, Tel Aviv Demona nuclear project and all the Indian and Israeli nuclear assets and a similar threat was conveyed to the Americans.

In Essence the newspaper said what I Just mentions,its been more then a decade so accept my apologies if I Jinx a word or two. Pakistani foreign secretary at the time Confirmed it in his own version, according to him he was the one making threat and mentioned no "dragging of the Indian Ambassador" by the Commandos .

All this is neither new and happened on atleast ONE other occasions. early 1980s, after the Israelis bombed Iraqi nuclear reactor and decided to attack Kahuta without US approval. During the 80s we had been told Pakistan would have 2 1/2 minutes to defend Kahuta by air in case of an Incoming attack from the Indian held Kashmir. That was probably the distance of the planes being spotted and Pakistani planes intercepting them on After Burners. Sometimes I curse myself for losing a scenario of a mock Indo-Israeli attack on Kahuta and a response. That Magazine was from 1986.

 A similar Air Alert put Pakistan on alert somewhere during the early 80s. Details are really murky but clear enough to make out the whole picture. The same film, Israeliz decided to go ahead without(or unseen) The American consent during the First Afghan Jihad. In which the Americans didn't want to displease Pakistan.

Palestinians reported the movement, Pakistanis in the Saudi AWACS directly informed Pakistan which followed the official confirmation by the Saudi Government. We did not have missiles neither nuclear capabilities. We had F 16s at the time but Israel was not in their range. Failsafe  suicide mission with standing orders to counter attack in case of an invasion was ordered and Volunteers were asked to come forward from the F 16 squadron, entire crew volunteered. And an all out one way attack on Israeli Nuclear installation (starting with Demona Nuclear Facility in the Negev desert) and ending with the Grounding of Tel Aviv was ordered.

One of world's most experienced and the best of Fighter Pilots did not care what happened to them after they carried out the attack, it was irrelevant. Air Defence Units were asked to expect an Impending Air Attack. Whatever air crafts we had, and the ones the ground crew was able to bring back to working condition we fueled them and Virtually ALL our Air force was put in air. A message was sent to the Indians and Americans that we don't care where the planes come from what markings they have, if there is an attack on Pakistan we would strike Indian Nuclear assets and Demona Nuclear Project among other Israeli assets and we would Flatten Delhi and Tel Aviv. That night we knew they were coming and we knew we are going o shoot them down, our foreign office was awake the night.

Radar buzzing with hundreds of air crafts,highly motivated pilots,standing orders to counter attack even before Israeliz reached the Arabian Ocean the Israeliz Aborted the mission.

On an interesting note, the Indians seeing their radars buzzing with dots got nervous and went into a state of panic over the vulnerability of their defenses.

Similar incidents have been reported on at least ONE more occasion. Not to mention after sep 11 and the Pakistani so called "alliance"with the US it is reported that on at least ONE occasion Air Force was given the task of "Do or Die save the nuclear installations" task.

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