Little Boxes of thoughts seperated and put in prospective

Little Boxes of thoughts seperated
and put in prospective

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tonight with myself..Why do I even bother..

What sounds like yesterday I had a bitter exchange of words with a Libyan Rebel propagandist. With one of them eventually taunting me if I have taken the job of Musa Ibrahim and that my job would a short one.  It is unfortunate most of his logic was much like most my friends use for Imran Khan. That what is the other choice, and how stupid and arrogant I am for supporting Gaddafi who had suled for what four decades ? And that I am supporting a Dictator.
 And how soon I would be either coming to Libya for Business claiming I was always a Gaddafi opponent or envy the Libyan progress. Or even see the implementation of "Real Islam". Needless to say NO SIR I WAS NOT a fan of Mr.Gaddafi(Neither I am of Nawaz Sharif),on the contrary I had my share of disagreements with him and NO I DONT think ANYONE except the British Petroleum wants to go to Libya to do business these days.

They(the rebels)were just too  naive or powerless to see the fact behind the so called "Arab Spring". The finances behind Imran Khan may look normal and coming from Donations today but one day soon in the future PTI supporters would be asking them real questions. Although I don't blame them entirely, Popularity of IK is for the same reason Bhutto was popular,same reason people would even follow a person like TUQ whose ..whose ..personality/character I know for personal reason is highly questionable to say the least.

The reason is simple,people are just too tang or frustrated. Unfortunately their love is misdirected and at this stage I sometimes feel explaining them everything rationally is even asking too much. However, the privileged ones should have some sense. Too much of tv and too little of history books,recipe for disaster.

Needless to see by 20th things would have cleared,a week should be dramatic and I ask Allah for kher.
In these situation,which I think it is now..Providence takes it course. I don't think anyone is calling the shots now. General Kayani lost the anchor long ago. Now from the ashes and dust something new is to rise. I do hope that would be for the best.

I do not for a moment believe it is our destiny that we would perish. I do think Pakistan has Prophet Muhammad's (saw)'s blessing and it is not Allah's will for Pakistan to perish. Then I suppose by default we await a glorious destiny.

I don't know how it would come,I am not a wali or darvaish. I have my shares of crosses to carry. But a day of reckoning as Mario Puzo put in Godfather may not be beyond the 20th. And those who have not read the novel(being majority of people who have seen the movie) it is when don kills all his enemies. I do mean it partly as a figure of speech and partly I do fear it is inevitable. Not the killing of enemies alone, the whole scenario I blogged about recently. And I do assume no one would bother to read upto this point,if someone has and wants to read my blog one can message me I would be more then willing to share the url.

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