Little Boxes of thoughts seperated and put in prospective

Little Boxes of thoughts seperated
and put in prospective

Monday, 27 May 2013

28th May 1998..Why I romanticize Pakistan....

28 May...... Was told before I went to preschool that Pakistan has Nuclear weapons(early 80s)..Now am told my Grandfather was told we soon after we acquired nuclear capability(1983)Reaffirmed in early 90s when I had the honor of meeting a nuclear scientist who paid us a visit..Explained the difference between hydrogen bomb and simple vala nuclear bomb and just smiled meaningfully when I asked him if we have thermonuclear devices..Must be mid 90s..In 1998..Was so passionate about the nuclear tests that I would have gladly volunteered to assassinate Nawaz Sharif who was constantly showing reluctance..Despite Growing Public and military pressure.. My Grand Uncle.. Professor/principle of GC sargodha/Director Colleges Mr.Abdul Hameed (RIP) ..The same person who first told me what is "The protocols of the elders of Zions"when I was a kid..Told us (cause of his sources) that when we(the Pakistanis) actually pressed the button the bomb did't go off for a few seconds(later confirmed by media)..And then he told us when the bomb actually exploded against odds all the scientists went to Sajda e shukar at that very moment and Dr.A Q Khan actually said those were the longest seconds of his life...
As they knew..A failure means an instant attack on our strategic assets...An imminent American/Israeli/Indianan attack because of which the test was rushed..Not many people remember at the night of 27th there was a countrywide black out for a few second because intelligence reported an attack on our strategic assets(If you youtube a but you can find then foreign ministers Gohar Ayub Confirming the threat)..The website I subscribed to which used to email a translated Jummay ka Khutba from Masjib al Aqsa(Occupied Land)..Where they prayed for Pakistan...
There is a Reason I romanticize Pakistani ideology..From Indonesia to Morroco that day people celebrated and despite US And UN sanctions all the Muslims countries congratulated Pakistan. Saudi Arabia actually loaned three years worth of oil(later written off as expected). Delegation arrived from all over the world..Remember seeing a Syrian one of TV. THAT DAY there were celebration in Palestinian refugee Camps.. THAT Day even the most "Casual about international events then" cousin  said lets fire a few bursts of AK 47 and celebrate. We didn't because he was later (unfortunately) stung by a scorpion later that day..The day I remember my dad offering do nafal of shukrana after hearing about the much expected tests on CNN BREAKING NEWS(then a big event).

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