Little Boxes of thoughts seperated and put in prospective

Little Boxes of thoughts seperated
and put in prospective

Monday, 3 June 2013

The Fourth and Fifth Generation warfare,Turkey and Pakistan

So..The Foreign backed unrest starts in Turkey too..
I feel it won't succeed in Turkey for a number of reasons. Their attachment and love for their religion(by far) would be a deciding factor eventually...they have the will infrastructure(by far) and Forces to defend themselves. Unlike Libya Somalia Sudan Yemen and Afghanistan. Their  infrastructure,forces, love for their religion and attachment to their heritage(that of Islam) are far superior then many other countries entangled in this crisis.

Their armed forces are professional(although lack Nuclear Umbrella) but still its by far the most Superior the "conspirators" have face to date that have faced such kind of warfare. comparable to perhaps only Pakistan where Fourth and Fifth Generation are being waged . Its easily noticeable,a simple rule of the thumb I have to judge a country. The countries which have fought wars,pitched battles(Syria and Egypt) in the past and have good conventional forces are not very easy to digest even in the most vicious of fourth generation war(Syria). Fourth and Fifth generation warfare have failed to perish Pakistan after more then a decade of Very Direct NATO and CIA involvement. Apart from Providence I personally attribute this fact to a couple of reasons, two of them being:

1. A professional Army which is designed to fight foreign incursions and all out war.
2. Tolerance Threshold of People..People refuse to chase shadows and make unreasonable choices despite economy in near collapse. Artificial Chronic power shortage touching 50-70% electricity outages. As the media puts it "Log bayhis hein". I would gladly say behis nai aqal valay hein that they are not going in streets because idiots like Hamid Mir asks them to.

It is of interest and requires further research about the over use of agitation to Remove Ayub in the 60s has a part to play in it. After all no one wanted a person like Bhutto in Power which he turned out to be. And since 1970 elections his party has never been able to form a government in Punjab Province despite I donno..CIA Deals.. Assassinations(General Zia) NRO.. What have they not tried but PPP never had a majority in Punjab after their role in 71. General Zia might have been a good man,but it is the sad truth that sometimes he patronised idiots like Nawaz Sharif and in 77 it was the people who suffered. What I think is they also have a memory in the back of their minds about 1977 agitations leading to nowhere. I am aware of the counter argument that removal of Bhutto alone was a great deal and 77 was a success. In my Opinion Memory of the Political Chaos to nowhere during the 90s further "enlightened" people.

Another reason that historians would note is, this campaign in Pakistan and Turkey is fundamentally flawed. You can not expect to make fun of Kargil,equate it with 71 and our so called "Debacles" (as the enforces of CIA backed war put) in 65. Except creating a list of discredited people,among them some sad old Alcoholics like Nusrat Javed and Hassan Nisar,killing more then a hundred thousand Pakistanis in direct terrorist actions and effecting tens of millions in indirect actions and opportunity costs this war is basically a stalemate and has gone nowhere.
Even a further escalation for 5th Generation war(which is an evolving concept if you ask me) did't help much.

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