Little Boxes of thoughts seperated and put in prospective

Little Boxes of thoughts seperated
and put in prospective

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Should Pakistan Join the coalition with Saudi Arabia to reinstate Government in Yemen?

A Pakistani Retired General once said

Fear Is No Policy Surrender Is No Option

Saudi diplomats have said in the past that they are not mere spectators in Pakistan’s affairs but active participant. This is also true for Pakistanis. Pakistan can not be mere spectators as things

in Saudi Arabia or Arab peninsula go haywire.

Militarily speaking, Pakistan is over stretched,  yes. That has a lot to do with economy; However, we have a strategy which is fairly working for now. Can we see our allies in Arab world dip in abyss of Chaos? Should we fear the nuisance value of Iran too much to forget our allies who have despite all their short coming and negative roles have helped us at times when we needed serious strategic help? 1971 and sanctions after nuclear tests are on example.

Can we stand and watch the Baghdad new capital of Iranian empire mentality? For 
Pakistan Is Pacifism an option anymore, or it 
ever was? Should we be afraid of Iranian sponsored terrorism
 and see a Muslim country not very far from us become
 stateless when we can help? We have fought the worst 
terrorist group which existed, the Khwarij are worst terrorist 
mankind has seen and we have and we are
 taking them head on. And winning too, of course at great
 human and economic cost.

We should try to be a bright between Iran and Arabs and help
 them solve the dispute on negotiation table. However this 
option is fast fading it at all it exists anymore. Should we wait
for our brotherly Muslim country in the South West to target 
us next? Why not send Muslim peacekeepers to restore order
 in Yemen? 
If Iran blackmails us with sponsoring terrorism through their 
assets in Pakistan or collaborating with India we should
treat Iran as an enemy state and deal with the threat accordingly
That would be really foolish of Iran to start a feud with Pakistan.
In any case Iranian regime is on its weakest, both in military
diplomatic and economic terms.Our foreign policy should be free
of fear. As JFK once said "Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate."

Our possible alliance is not against the state of Iran but to restore peace in Yemen.

Of Course we should make serious demands in return, 
Wahabi support for extremists in Pakistan must end 
straightaway and they should help us with the
 economic cost of war on terror(which was thurst upon us)
 and they should take a serious approach on Kashmir.
 No Flirting with India!!
It is unfortunate Saudi Arabia whom recently surpassed India
 as world's biggest arms
exporter needs Pakistan help. Budget of Saudi Military is some 
150 billion Dollars
compare to some 6 billion Dollar budget of Pakistan Army!!!

Certain condition withstanding it is our duty to intervene to 
avert a humanitarian disaster. Politically,
Well.. Iran must be stopped from exporting their revolution. 
By making Yemen
 stateless almost single handedly they have crossed a red line.
 And there is no
 turning back.

If we don't help restore order in Yemen Saudi Arabia is next. 
After that would be fighting them in Pakistan. Better stop them now.
And we should remember that Iranian supported Militias are as 
bad as ISIS in Iraq and ruling elite in Iran has little regards for
 Human Life(Shia or Sunni). Check this news item for one thing:

Shiaism is not a threat and people of the Shia sect/school of though should be respected but Iranian regime is certainly a threat to middle east(even greater middle east) and a small nuisance to Israel at worst. Sponsoring people who have made Yemen stateless is simply unacceptable.

The operation to restore Government in Yemen however must be swift and independence of Yemen is not negotiable, collateral damage should minimised. Revenge killings in even of a victory must be suppressed at all costs(by force if necessary). Other then that there is little to debate. Message to Saudi Arabia is simple, you have money which can buy half the world. Use it wisely and in a way history remembers you kindly and when you stand before almighty on the day of judgment you are not ashamed.

War in Yemen would end swiftly. Blockade Yemen using Navy(no aid for rebels) and send Muslim peacekeepers, para troopers and special forces which would help the now ousted government.

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