Little Boxes of thoughts seperated and put in prospective

Little Boxes of thoughts seperated
and put in prospective

Friday, 27 March 2015

Yemen issue and Pakistani Politicians

Is everything about petty politics now? Pakistani politicians sound like they are in some role play game of some sort, without a thought process of their own. The "ratta" or repeating what they hear or read is really amusing at times.

Ideally, Pakistan should mediate between Arabs and Iranians. However the leaders have are no where near Liaquat Ali Khan or Sir Zafrullah.

Closest thing we have to a leader is Imran Khan. He has resemblance to a person who can become a national leader. However I have serious doubts about his vision and understanding of foreign affairs and geopolitical realities. He has let down the nation once again.

Imran Khan has went against joining the coalition out rightly. This is simply outrageous. In the world we live in we can not be neutral. Ideally Pakistan should play the role of an aggressive peacemaker. Our foreign minister flying between Al Riyadh Tehran and wherever Yemeni rebels prefer. Why has the UN been already bypassed? An expected Russian Veto can be bypassed, there is precedence. However at least it should have been discussed in Security Council.

Then there is OIC. Yes it exists, it can be given a role. However all that is not happening and there is no possibility of thing changing hence the discussion itself might be futile. The world is a different place now, then it was a hundred years back. Arab Governments as someone rightly put it are not as strong as they once were(before Arab spring). Naturally jumping into what might become a full blown sectarian war is not good for Pakistan. However we have to see things objectively and in the long run.

Religion and sects aside. Who is winning? What are the goals of both parties? In my opinion Iran is on the wrong side of history. They are the main culprit behind post soviet Afghan Civil war.

They have portrayed themselves as messiahs of shias all over the world(which they are not). In reality they have cause massive suffering to shia community for the interest of their nation state. What business they had of supporting rebels in Yemen to topple the Government. How would an ungoverned state of Yemen not lead to rise of ISIS like groups controlling pockets or regions?

What about necessary services? What about people there? What about the human cost? Self righteousness is easy, facts are hard.

The question is what can and should Pakistan do? In my opinion joining the alliance is the right thing to do, however it should be strictly conditional. There is precedence for Military presence in Saudi Arabia for strictly defencive purpose it territorial integrity of Saudi Arabia is threatened or an outside force attacks the country. That is our best option and i Do think in the end Pakistan would take this option. We have extensive knowledge of low intensity conflicts and our military experts can help Saudis in advisory capacity.

Who are our friends in middle east who never back stabbed us? We all know that(issues with Wahabi militancy apart)? Turkey has already made their position crystal clear. They support Saudis. Probably after a hundred years. They can see ISIS is being replaced with equally brutal Shia militants.

Government in Yemen must be restored. If God Forbid Saudi Arabia is destabilised Pakistan is next on Iran's hit list considering their track record. They have collaborated with India to create unrest in Baluchistan in the past and supported shia militancy, not to mention attempted encirclement of Islamabad in the 1980s. Iran would end up being the loser when the dust settles. Its amusing to see how pro Iran clerics in Pakistan are propagating about peace with Afghanistan. US would NEVER side with Iran in the conflict in the long run and the white house has already made it clear.

Iran is a great country with great people and amazing history, their government needs a conciliatory approach then being passive aggressive and supporting militancy in other countries. Al Assad for example has lost, Syrians suffer(Wahabis to be blamed equally) and its time to negotiate for a new Government which Iran refuses. They are happy with Al Assad controlling a few urban centres and an official President.

What are our options? Should we reverse our policy altogether and stand with Iran who refuses to support us on Kashmir openly and remains a strategic partner of India(time for bitter truth). Then India with its scavenging foreign policy would move to Saudi Arabia. What Iran has to offer us anyway? They refused to give ue oil during Zardari era on deferred payments and we have to go to IMF(Neither did Saudis but thats a different issue, Zardari was pro Iranian). Would India then not rush to Saudi Arabia and try to fill the void?

Neutrality is not an option for us now, we must help Saudi Arabia restore peace in Yemen. However Pakistan should assure Iran it is strictly a defencive measure and any mischief from Iranian intelligence would be met with a similar response or worse. We are friends of Iran, if they that changed it means they had planned it all along. Iran has never been weaker militarily diplomatically or economically. We don't want to destabilise them further and we have always offered a secure border and it should remain this way.

That being said, the nation..  no matter what the views or sect should support the policy of Federal Government no matter what course they take.

Nawaz Sharif and his cabinet is simply incompetent, it should be a decision for the military.

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