Little Boxes of thoughts seperated and put in prospective

Little Boxes of thoughts seperated
and put in prospective

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Marvi and Kamran Shahid(Indian assets): Art and sex. What you don't understand don't defame.

Kamran why do you say aek minute whenever someone responds to Marvi? Coins from India? Bastard

I feel like responding to what she, the silly person said. She was talking about Nudity and sex on prime time on a channel which children regularly watch(Bravo Express news for letting her..!) like it was some kind of drawing a pencil type of thing. These kinds of silly arguments are not only too old to get a feminine and pretty enlightened moderate of Marvi version to bed(yuck for even the thought of it).
 I tried to think what would I do if I was at the show, now I have a lot of what these enlightened moderates put as feudal mindset. Here is what I would do, I would tell Marvi and Kamran to be quiet basically.

pseudo intellectuals. Morons, Indian assets. You are trying to imply there is no relationship between sex and nudity. Children are watching, do you even want me to continue?(she probably would).

Anyway ending what possible scenario of replacing Tameezdar people with angry young men like me on the show. I find it necessary to correct the false information she was spreading yesterday. Although I would have to mark the post 21 +(consider yourself warned).
Nudity Sex and the portrayal part is a broad broad broad subject and really Marvi and RAW funded SAFMA wouldn't know the first thing about it. Yes artists are portraying sex, whats there to doubt on the name of modernism? Now if you want to engage on discussion with me on pagan symbolism and the sexual side to it you should do so behind closed door. In some drawing room in privacy.  What these lost "Enlightened(not so) Moderates" are..This is not even
modernism what SAFMA is talking about, and sociologically speaking we are somewhere between two phases from post post modern era. Or three perhaps. Sex is a basic component on depiction of certain (several in most) aspects of art. Its a part of life accepted by most medieval arts and hence portrayed. The argument that nuditiy is and "art" and not related to sex is beyond nonsense and comprehensible.
Try to realize why women wear what they wear in contrast to men what they wear in Tennis. Now I don't want to go all Freud on Miss.Madhury, sorry Marvi(her ideas are as ridiculous as Kamran Madhuri's name). I don't expect SAFMA to understand, neither is their motive to do so. They just want irrelevant discussions at war time and their CIA $s to keep flowing. Barvo RAW! You grad bread from hands of 1/4th of world's hungry to fill SAFMA's Kuppi. How do you guys sleep at night? In Marvi I see another Tasleema Nasreen if she is not taken care of soon. Probably would be, she is such a stupid person she probably think CIA cares about her.

And all hails to Karman for constantly Mocking the Mufti sab he invited, snubbing Orya Maqbool and inviting some Hijab Lady who had good intentions but was thinking of Marvi as a slightly distracted girl then a what she is.  Not to mention twisting the questions to suite Madhuri,damn Marvi. Why do I keep thinking of Kamran Madhuri when I write Marvi's name and not Marvi Memon? Oh yeah because of the stupid name and stupidity of Marvi. I think we should call her Marvi Madhuri for reference. 
It would acknowledge her Indian connection and no one would have to ask Which Marvi?


Dude! Madhuri Saanb! Gays aur Lesbians par Rehem karo they must be begging for mercy.
You are the worst self ritious self proclaimed self style crusader they could have ever imagined in their worst nightmare. And here We(the non homosexuals who feel homosexuality is un natural) though Tariq Amen was bad, its like Obama after Bush for them lol.

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